Can someone purposely steal your energy?

We all need energy to thrive. When a loved one is going through a tough time, we can send energy to that person telepathically to give them strength in dealing with the difficult situation. But can someone do the opposite and purposely steal our energy? The answer is yes — if you let them.

Have you ever met someone who seems to enjoy putting you down? Do you know someone who criticizes you whenever they are in your company? What about someone who tells jokes at your expense? What happens during that interaction? If you find yourself feeling like the energy is draining right out of your body, that’s because it probably is.

The next time such an interaction happens, notice how the exchange affects the person who put you down. Their shoulders may become straighter or they may seem to revel in saying something so witty. Chances are they feel better after putting you down and that’s because they’ve managed to suck the energy out of you to bolster themselves up.

Not everyone who sucks the energy out of people is aware that they are even doing it. Some people do it by having to always be right. Others do it by having to get the last word. These people do not understand how to raise their own energy level on their own. The only way they know how to get more energy is to steal it from others.

We all have the ability to increase our energy on our own. Meditation and prayer are two ways to do so. Energy is unlimited and exists in the Universe for all to enjoy. It’s a myth, however, that energy is limited, which keeps people trying to steal it from one another.

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Another example of people stealing energy from one another often occurs in romantic relationships. Some people seek relationships because they are needy and believe the only way they can increase their energy (and feel better) is  through a relationship. Rather than freely giving and taking energy from one another, they take and take and take leaving the other person in the relationship totally drained.

Luckily you can stop people from stealing your energy. Notice people who leave you feeling drained when you are around them. If you can avoid spending as much time with them, do so. If not, don’t engage in the behavior that causes the energy drain. For example, if the person always picks an argument with you, refuse to argue.

Another way to protect your energy is to visualize yourself surrounded by a translucent bubble. Consider this bubble to be a layer of protection that keeps your energy from being stolen from someone else. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.