Cat Power: Protecting You from Negative Energy

Thinking about getting a pet? If you’re wondering whether you should opt for a dog or a cat, here’s a reason to go for cat power. Cats not only are fun to cuddle, but they can protect you from negative energy too. If you’re someone who works with magic or is interested in metaphysics, a cat can be a helpful companion.

cat powerHave you ever watched a cat stare into space as if something were there? Only you could not see anything with your own eyes? Often when this happens, the cat is picking up on a spirit or another being. The cat may follow the entity around as it tries to figure out if its intentions are good or bad. If those intentions are bad, the cat can transmute negative energy so it does not hurt you.

There’s a reason why witches were often associated with cats. Cats are magical creatures that can keep negative energy away.

Cat power: A powerful aura

Much of a cat’s power comes from its aura. Cats have large auras so their energy fields are strong. When cats brush against you, you may know that the cat is marking its territory. It’s basically letting the world know that you’re the cat’s human. However, the cat also is enwrapping you with a shield of protection. The cat is technically extending its aura so that it covers you and keeps you safe, as well.

In Russia, cat power has long been celebrated. There, cats have been used to cleanse a house of negative energy before someone moved to the home. If you bought a home and were planning to move there in a week, you might take a cat the day before and let the cat peruse the house. The idea behind this ritual was that the cat would identify negative energy left by the previous owners and transmute it before you got there.

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Using cats to cleanse negative energy

Cats have also been known to be able to communicate with dead spirits. If a loved one recently passed away and your cat seems to be focused on something you can’t see, there’s a chance your cat is chatting with your loved one.

If your cat’s busy staring off into space and you suspect that he or she is communicating with a spirit, try not to disturb the cat. Allow it to do what it does.

You may also notice that your cat feels uncomfortable around a certain part of your house. Maybe your cat avoids it, or maybe it does the opposite and keeps returning to the spot seemingly in duress. If that’s the case, the cat may be picking up some type of bad energy there. If that happens, you can do the following.

Smudge the spot to get rid of the negative energy

Use a positive energy spray

Place a black obsidian crystal in the area so that it can absorb the negative energy

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