Cell Block Psychic: Healing or Sensational?

There’s a new paranormal show on the Investigation Discovery Channel causing some controversy. In Cell Block Psychic, psychic medium Vicki Monroe meets with murderers and gives messages from murder victims to their loved ones in an attempt to answer the family’s questions.

Monroe, who has provided input into high profile investigations, spoke to Jim Harold, who does The Paranormal Podcast about her new project.

“I think I’m providing a service,” she said. While many people she works with were at their most vulnerable months or even years ago, “at this point, it’s ‘I just want to know what happened.'” Sometimes the family knows the facts of what happened but they want to know what their relative or loved one was thinking at the time. Her biggest reason for doing the show: giving the family the closure that they need.

However, some say the show does more harm than good. In a Huffington Post article, Kristy Dyroff of the National Organization for Victim Assistance voiced her opinion that the show suggests that people who lost a family member or loved one to violence can find ‘closure.’ Dyroff evidently thinks they cannot.

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One thing Monroe has learned through her work is that often murder victims want to be advocates or teachers to provide information to those of us still living so that we don’t repeat their mistakes. Murder victims want people to pay attention to the circumstances that led to their passing, Monroe said in the podcast, so they don’t find themselves in the same predicament.

She also describes how people look to her once they are on the other side.

“Spirits look beautiful. They all look very young, very vibrant. Just incredible. ”

Despite the fact that some have negative things to say, Monroe isn’t letting them get her down.

“This isn’t about me, it’s about getting the answers for the family and letting them move on with their lives,” she said. Listen to the entire podcast interview here.

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