How to Change Someone’s Mind Telepathically

Disagreements are a part of life. We’re not going to see eye to eye with everyone all the time. But can you change someone’s mind telepathically? Is it possible or even ethical?

changing someone's mind telepathicallyTelepathy is the process of communicating thoughts from person to person. While society trains us to believe that words, body language and actions are the main ways to communicate, telepathy is another way that we send information to and receive information from others, particularly those we are closest to.

Some of us are natural telepathic receivers, meaning we easily pick up on the thoughts of others. We may also be better at sending telepathic messages to others. If we enjoy sending messages, we can use telepathy when we want to change someone’s mind.

Telepathy and Ethics

Before we go about trying to use telepathy to change someone’s mind, it’s important to think of the situation ethically. We should never try to impart our will upon others (unless you are a parent or guardian making decisions for a minor child). Always put yourself in the shoes of others. Would you want someone forcing their will upon you? So, your goal should not be so much to change someone’s mind as it is to get them information so they can make an informed choice.

When we have disagreements with people, we often block out what they have to say because our egos have such a stake in being right. If you don’t believe that, look at two people having an argument over politics. You’ll find that each side is so consumed with being right that they often don’t take the time to really hear each other. A case like this is one in which telepathy would be useful. Telepathy can help you to get a message across when the other person’s defenses are down so that the message can slip past the ego. Perhaps the person would then be more open to your point of view.

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If you want to try to change someone’s mind using telepathy, consider the following tips.

Keep the right goal in mind. The goal should not be proving you are right; the goal should be sharing your point of view. Trust that the person will make the right decision for them. Always maintain the mindset that everyone in the discussion does what is best for them. You might even visualize yourself and the person you’re having a disagreement with being happy after the telepathic conversation.

Center yourself through meditation. If you want to communicate telepathically, it helps to center your thoughts. Meditation helps you to do that. If you want to communicate telepathically but don’t meditate regularly, you may have a harder time achieving your goal. When you’re ready to send thoughts to someone, silence your mind through meditation, then visualize yourself talking to that person and mentally say what you want to say.

Repeat the process. You might have to attempt to communicate with someone telepathically more than once to notice results. Often people have blocks up that prevent them from receiving telepathic messages. You might also send the message at night before going to sleep. If the other person is sleep when you’re sending messages, they may be more likely to pick up on those messages through their dreams.

If after all of your efforts, you still don’t see eye to eye with this person, work on accepting that outcome. Surrender to the idea that everything will work out the way it is meant to work out for the best interest of all people involved. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.