Can You Make Someone Dream About You?

As larger-than-life and wonderful as your dreamworld can be, can you imagine purposely sharing a dream with someone you love and trust? Or better yet, can you make someone dream about you? You may be surprised to find that in some cases when both people are open and willing, the answer is yes.

make someone dream about youIt is possible to connect with someone through a dream. Some people do it unconsciously. You could be talking to someone about a dream and they realize they’ve had a similar dreamworld experience. Or you may even have a vague dream about someone in your life and if you ask them about it, they may recall fragments of the dream, as well.

While that can be a thrilling experience — or unsettling, depending upon how you look at it — you don’t have to leave dreamworld meetings to chance. If you know someone who is also interested in psychic development, consider trying an experiment in which you agree to meet up in your dreams. While you can’t make someone dream about you, by taking part in such an experiment you both can agree to dream about each other and to see what unfolds during the experience.

How to Connect with Someone in a Dream

If you want to connect with someone in a dream, the first thing you want to do is make sure both parties agree to it up front. In other words, you never want to try to make someone dream about you. Suggesting it can go a lot further. You also would never want to just barge in on someone’s dream experience, nor would you want someone to barge into yours.

If you have a friend who agrees to try this make plans to go to sleep around the same time. That way, you’ll both be more likely to be dreaming at the same time and both of you will have the benefit of having your mental defenses down.

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You might describe a scene that both of you think about before going to sleep. Or perhaps you both set the intention to dream together before going to sleep. The idea is to let the Universe know that you are both on the same page and open and willing to sharing this dreamworld experience together.

Recording your dreams is critical to this experiment. Both of you should agree to keep a journal or recorder nearby to collect any thoughts or dream fragments. When you wake up, write everything ¬†down that you remember. Even if you don’t recall seeing the other person in the dream, write down what you remember. Then share it with your dream partner. You may discover that even though you did not dream about each other, there were similar elements in both of the dreams. For example, perhaps you both dreamt about a waterfall. That might suggest that you both were in the same dreamscape; you simply did not yet run into one another.

When you start this process, don’t get frustrated if nothing happens at first. Be willing to try it for a few weeks to see if you and your dream partner are able to share the same dream and communicate while you are sleeping. When you have that kind of open communication, you don’t need to try to make someone dream about you. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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