Curses and hexes that can come back to bite you

You can find anything you want on the Internet, including people who will sell you hexes and curses to place on another person. Are you wondering what the difference is between a hex and a curse? Different people have different viewpoints. Some say curses are bad intentions wished on somebody solely using the spoken word, while hexes set a series of bad events into motion in someone’s life using a spell or a ritual.  So if someone says something or repeatedly chants something that is meant to do you harm, you’ve been cursed. If someone takes a piece of your hair and mixes it with a potion that’s designed to bring bad luck into your life, you’ve been hexed. Either way, hexing someone or cursing someone is bad business because of the Spiritual Law of Karma. If you bring evil or negativity into someone’s life, it’s Spiritual Law that evil and negativity will be brought to you.

If you’re wondering what types of hexes and curses you can find out there, get a load of these that were found doing a simple Internet search.

How to curse someone

Financial loss curse. If you want someone to experience financial ruin, this would be the way you would go. A job loss, an unexpected major expense, and theft are just some of the things that can befall them.

Loss of beauty curse. This type of curse would be particularly painful to someone who is vain or who appreciates their good looks. The person may suddenly age or may even experience a condition such as hair loss or acne that takes away from his or her appearance.

Make them sick curse. This type of curse could leave someone ill. It could be a minor but nagging illness or a serious illness.

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Steal their energy curse. The person might experience some fatigue and possibly a loss of zest for life. One might also lose energy for a particular task; for example, a writer may no longer have the energy to write.

Ruin a relationship hex. If you want to break someone up, this would be the type of hex you would use.

So now that we’ve seen the types of curses and hexes that are out there, put yourself in the position of the person you want to hex or curse. How would you feel with a loss of money, good looks, health, energy or a relationship? If this isn’t something that you would want to happen to you, then you shouldn’t bring that type of suffering onto someone else.

But what about if they’ve done me wrong or if they’re an all-around bad person, you may ask. Sometimes you may see someone who really DESERVES to be hexed or cursed. They may have done awful things to you or to someone else and you may just want to right the wrong. Believe me, I can name a person or two who could use a wake-up-call or a lesson.

However, leave the retribution up to the Law of Karma. If they’ve done all of the bad things you think they’ve done, your curse or hex will be nothing compared to what the Universe has in store for them.

If you’re worried that someone may have put a curse on you, you can protect yourself with a piece of spiritual jewelry.

If you really want to make use of some supernatural help, you’d do better using a spell — a bit of magic — that is meant to affect you, not someone else. For example, instead of casting a spell to break a couple up, you might use a love spell to attract the best partner to you. (It’s always better to release your attachment to any one person when you do this. Let the Universe decide who is the best person for you rather than letting your limited ego mind decide.) may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.