Is your past life ruining your love life?

If you’ve been single for a long period of time, it may not be that you have bad luck with love. The reason for your lack of relationship success could stem from issues that are unresolved from a past life. A past life experience can be so traumatic that you give up on love, and sometimes the resolutions made in a previous life can continue to affect your current lifetime.

So what kinds of past life experiences can keep you on the single track?

You could have been hurt deeply in a relationship. Nobody enjoys breaking up, but some people are particularly bothered by breakups, so much so that they avoid getting close to another person for fear of getting hurt again. If you had such a painful experience, you may have resolved to stay single — and that resolution may still be operating in your life today.

The death of a partner in a past life was particularly painful. Another reason someone may have sworn off love in a past life is if a partner died unexpectedly or prematurely. A painful end to a past life love story could still be causing you to act on subconscious fears.

You have unfinished business with a soulmate. It’s important to realize that all soulmates don’t necessarily end up together. And there are different types of soulmates. Some are romantic in nature; others are not. However, it’s not uncommon for soulmates to have unfinished business from one lifetime to another. There may be important life lessons for you to learn from a soulmate before you get involved with another person.

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How to keep your past life from ruining your love life

So what can you do to stop your past lives from impacting your love life? Healing those old wounds is the key to moving forward in your life.

The first thing you want to do is acknowledge the fears and doubts that are wreaking havoc on your love life. What habits do you have that sabotage your chances to get together with someone? Where do those habits come from?

Sometimes those habits may be the result of an incident from your current life. For example, unresolved issues of childhood abuse or abandonment can trigger all types of relationship problems. You may also be suffering from unresolved feelings related to an old relationship in your current life. If so, you must find a way to resolve those feelings, even if you do so by telepathically communicating with your ex.

If you’ve done some soul-searching and have no idea why you have the fears that you do, a past life regression may be able to shed some light on whether your past lives are the culprit. Sometimes simply being aware that a fear from a past life is controlling your current life is enough to loosen that past life’s hold. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.