Dangers of Lucid Dreaming: Should You Worry?

If you’ve ever been interested in working with your dreams, you may have contemplated lucid dreaming at some point. But have you ever asked yourself, what are the dangers of lucid dreaming?

dangers of lucid dreamingThe ability to be conscious and able to take part in your dreams as they are happening can sound very appealing. Think about how helpful that can be. Imagine that you are dreaming of a masked man chasing you, and you are able to stop and pull the man’s mask off and ask him what he wants. Or, you are dreaming about your soulmate and you can ask him or her questions about how to ensure that the two of you meet. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

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There are pros and cons to everything.  In other words, there is always an upside and a downside. While lucid dreaming can help you to solve problems and learn more about yourself, there can be some uncomfortable consequences of it, as well.

Putting the Dangers of Lucid Dreaming in Perspective

The good news is that lucid dreaming has not been known to hurt anyone. There is a common fear that someone can find themselves caught up in a lucid dream and unable to get back to their waking life. That idea probably sprang to life as a result of movies in which someone found themselves trapped in some type of alternate reality. There is nobody who I’ve heard of who has had this happen to them so you can put that fear to bed.

However, one of the dangers of lucid dreaming is discomfort. Have you ever heard of sleep paralysis? You may have experienced it. You wake up in the middle of the night unable to move. The experience can be terrifying mainly because you feel that you have absolutely no control over your body.

Sleep paralysis can often happen when you’re lucid dreaming. As scary as sleep paralysis is, it’s actually helping you. If you have a terrifying dream or an action-oriented dream, your body may move involuntarily. You may kick or scratch or punch, hurting yourself or someone else. However, when you’re sleeping and sleep paralysis takes over that doesn’t happen. The thing is, as long as you’re sleeping, you never feel the paralysis take hold.

But when you are lucid dreaming, you are conscious so while you’re still in a dreaming state, you’re experiencing everything as if you were awake. So you could find yourself feeling the terror of being paralyzed.

Obviously sleep paralysis is not a permanent condition and you will eventually wake up and be fine. But this may be an unfortunate consequence of lucid dreaming that you don’t like.

So should you worry about the dangers of lucid dreaming? While certain aspects of it can be uncomfortable, there are so many benefits you can capitalize on.


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