Did witchcraft stop Hitler?

It’s always interesting to hear stories about how metaphysical tactics have been used to solve physical world problems.  There’s a fascinating story about how witchcraft may have been used to stop Hitler from invading England.

According to legend, when the witches of England learned that Hitler planned to increase his power by invading England, they recognized how awful that would be and they decided to do something about it. One reason they may have been so concerned about Hitler’s rise was because there are also legends that Hitler rounded up and persecuted astrologers even before he did the Jews.

It is said that witches from various covens met with the single-minded goal of stopping Hitler from invading their country. They channeled their energy into what is referred to as a ‘great cone of power’ and directed the thought ‘You cannot cross the sea,’ at Hitler’s brain.

(If you are a student of the power of thoughts, you know just how powerful thought can be. The fact that they used telepathy to direct thoughts at Hitler is also very fascinating.)

The witches in England also are said to have made a sacrifice to enhance their magic. One of the covens working to keep Hitler away took off their clothes and put grease on their bodies to avoid dying of exposure to the elements. Allegedly one member of that coven — the oldest and weakest member — volunteered to not use the grease so that he would die from the cold and his death would serve as a sacrifice to the cause.

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Naturally, there are some who believe this story to be a myth, but whether you believe it or not, one thing is true: Hitler never did invade England even though there were plans to do so.  Could the collective thoughts of a country full of witches have influenced him to change his mind?

If that is the case, could collective thought power be used to stop other invasions and wars? Imagine the possibilities.

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