Do soul groups hold the key to your spiritual awakening?

Ever notice how someone can enter your life and trigger a tsunami of changes and transformation? Most likely that person is a member of your soul group.

Every soul on the planet will experience a spiritual awakening at some point in their evolution. It may not be in this lifetime; but it will happen. When you experience a spiritual awakening, you often undergo a series of troubles or events designed to shake you out of your current way of living. Typically members of your soul group will play the role of catalyst in sparking these chaotic events.

Soul groups are made up of beings who we have sacred contracts with. We agree to to help one another on our spiritual journeys. You likely don’t remember making such agreements; they typically occur between incarnations. However, we do typically feel a strong connection to people in our soul groups. We often feel as if we’ve known them forever even though we may have only just met them. Often members of soul groups will incarnate together over and over again. In other words, we often share multiple lifetimes. If you ever get a past life regression, you may find out that some of the people in your current life have played a major role in previous lifetimes as well.  Sometimes your soul mates (we have more than one) may even be a part of your soul group.

Often multiple members of soul groups will come together and form a group in this current lifetime. You may meet a new group of friends, or you may come together with a group of people in your workplace or church or community. Some soul groups come together through activism — they may all feel strongly about a particular cause, which brings them all together again. You’ll find that when soul groups come together like that in a particular lifetime, there is typically a thread that ties them all together. Usually you will share a greater philosophy about life and its meaning.

Often people in a particular soul group will come together when each of them are experiencing spiritual awakenings. It’s no coincidence; you are coming together so that you can help one another. If you come across others who are interested in the same spiritual topics as you are, and who you can talk to about your beliefs, there is a good chance that those people have been traveling with you lifetime after lifetime. You may also come together with members of your soul group when you all have experienced a recent hardship. Again, it is often hardship or tragedy that leads one down the road to spiritual awakening in the first place.

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When you meet such people, pay special attention to the interactions. Allow yourself to grow spiritually and commit to being a support to one another. All of you will evolve consciously as a result. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.