Do we choose our parents before we are born?

Many people suffer from family woes, but what if you discovered that you chose your family and your life circumstances before you were born? That is actually a common belief among those who study past lives and lives between lives. When we enter the world through birth, we have already set up circumstances that will help us to achieve the goals that we have for that particular lifetime.

So why would someone choose to be born to abusive parents, or why would someone choose to come into a family situation that brings pain? It all goes back to our purpose for living a particular lifetime. When you want to learn patience, the best way to do so is to create situations in which you have to be patient. So if you want to learn compassion, forgiveness, endurance or many other difficult qualities to master, it usually takes tough circumstances to bring those qualities to the light.

When a child is conceived, you can best believe that that union was meant to occur. Often people judge themselves for one-night stands or quick relationships that produce children. However, when looked at through the soul’s evolution, it becomes apparent that the union was not a mistake since a soul used it to springboard into a life that created the unique opportunities that it needed.

Do we choose parents from our past lives?

We may also choose souls that we had a deep connection with in past lives to incarnate with us again as our parents. For example, a parent could have been a trusted friend, a spouse or even a child in a past life.

So what about adoption? Why would a soul choose a birth mother and father that was not destined to be in his or her life? There could be many reasons. Perhaps that soul needed to learn the unconditional love that comes not from biological ties but from emotional connections? Or perhaps the soul wanted to inherit a certain genetic condition. Or perhaps the soul wanted to experience abandonment in order to learn self-love. Or perhaps the soul wanted to be impacted by more than one set of parents, which is a gift that adoption provides. There are a variety of reasons why a soul may make the choices that it made.

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So what should you take away from that? If you have resentment toward your parents or you feel as if you drew the short straw when it comes to parents, understand that you drew the very situation that your soul wanted and needed. You can also choose to look at your parents from a different lens. What did they contribute to your life? What did their actions teach you? Even if you decided that you would NOT be anything like your parents, that is a decision that is crucial to your soul’s development.

No matter how loving or non-loving your family situation is or was, it is something that you can learn from. Through meditation, journaling and introspection, allow your higher self to clue you into the priceless lessons that your parental situation provides. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.