Do we have spiritual connections with extraterrestrials?

There is a huge fascination with extraterrestrials and UFOs. Is that fascination just a matter of chance? Some believe that the fascination is a result of our natural spiritual connection to beings from other planets.

Where do extraterrestrials come from? There are many theories about that. Some say they come from other planets. Some say they come from other dimensions. Maybe they come from both. People who have described experiences with extraterrestrials often describe how the other-worldly beings communicated with them telepathically. They knew how to send a thought in a way in which it would be received. That’s not very hard to believe, considering the fact that many people describe instances of communicating with loved ones telepathically. There are even some that subscribe to the belief that Jesus ascended in a UFO after he resurrected. The books The UFO-Jesus Connection and ALIEN: Examining Jesus Christ in a UFO Universe explore those concepts.

Another widely held belief is that there are different groupings of extraterrestrials that come from different places and have different intentions. Some are believed to be guiding and teaching those of us on Earth while others are believed to be exploiting the Earth and using us for experiments. There is even a common belief that the governments of the world have made secret agreements with extraterrestrials, allowing them to do their experiments in exchange for knowledge that they have shared. While many try to dismiss such beliefs as being conspiracy theories that have run amuck, it’s undeniable that the many stories that people have told about seeing UFOs and experiencing alien encounters often have similar characteristics.

Regardless of how many groupings of extraterrestrials there are and where they may ultimately be coming from, the over-riding belief, however, is that there is a universal connection between everything and everyone including any extraterrestrial groups that may exist. All beings are moving forward and evolving  and every action made by one impacts the fabric that connects us all.

Throughout history, there are periods where a vast amount of new knowledge was experienced. For example, the technological revolution is believed to have been made possible by information given to world leaders from extraterrestrials. Much of the spiritual knowledge that we have — the teachings of the law of attraction, for example — is also believed to have been passed down from extraterrestrial groups. UFOs Disclosed is an infoproduct that looks further at some of the beliefs surrounding UFOs. Click here to download it.

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