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I’ve found that few things in life are free and that includes psychic readings. However, there are a number of psychic and metaphysical services that offer free psychic readings with the hopes that you’ll later purchase more extensive guidance. Whether you choose to pay for followup readings later or not is up to you. I say use your intuition and only pay for something that feels right. However, we’ve rounded up a number of free readings that you can get if you want a little guidance today.

For these readings, you’ll typically be asked to give an email address and they’ll email the reading to you. Of course, you can expect them to continue sending you emails to try to get you to buy something else but you can always unsubscribe. Since I like to take advantage of free readings, I have created a free email address that I use for services like this. That way, those emails don’t tie up my regular email account.

We offer a description of each type of reading and what you can expect to get. We’ll keep an eye out for others so check this page regularly for updates.

Free Numerology reading

Numerology is study of how numbers affect your life. For this reading, you’ll be whisked to a landing page where you will be able to chat with the master numerologist. You’ll then be asked a few questions about yourself such as your name and whether you’re most interested in Love, Health, Money or something else.

Don’t give a fake name because the letters in your name are actually used to calculate your personal power numbers. Through this reading, you’ll get to discover your Expression Number and you’ll get an interpretation of what it means. Your Expression Number describes your inner goals and motivations. It also gives you some insight into the person you’re meant to be.

Want to learn how to recognize -- and trust -- your own messages? Sign up here.

My Expression Number was five, and I learned through this free reading that instigating change and experiencing freedom are important to me. I must admit that’s true. I’ve often said that freedom is the value I most crave in my life.

The service also asks you for birthdate to create a full numerological chart, which will be delivered to you via email. To get your own free numerology reading, click here.

Free Archetype reading

We all fall under a particular archetype — a way of describing our unique qualities, motivations and behaviors. An archetype reading uses your name and date of birth to tell you what archetype you fall under and what your strengths and weaknesses are. When I tried this free reading, I learned that my archetype if the Creator. My desire is to create and I see the world in an unconventional way. (As a writer and student of metaphysics, this is all right on point.) The reading also talked about how I tend to be something of a perfectionist when it comes to my work — another insight that I see to be true. Then it went into how I value my alone time — yes, yes, yes.

In addition to giving me a description of some of my attributes, this reading also pointed out some of the obstacles that are likely to get in my way. Among the fears that are common to my archetype are a fear of how others perceive me and a fear of letting go. Those who share my archeype have troubles letting go of control.

Perhaps my favorite part of this reading was the part where it told me what archetypes I’m most compatible with. If you’re looking for a relationship, seeing your love compatibilty with other archetypes can help you see what types of people you should avoid. To get your free Archetype reading, click here.

Free Astrology reading

Your natal chart shows all the positions of all the planets when you were born. With that information, you can get key aspects of your personality, including your strengths and weaknesses. You can also gain insights into what challenges you’re likely to experience in your lifetime.

With this free reading, you’ll get your natal chart, as well as some insight into what it means. You probably already know your Sun sign. Mine is Virgo. But you’ll also gain insight into what planet rules the way you communicate and what planet rules the way you love. All of this information can help you to better understand yourself and your goals.

To get your free astrology reading, click here.

Free Guardian Angels/Archangels reading

If you’ve ever wondered if you have guardian angels (you do) or whether certain archangels have messages for you, this mini free reading may interest you. According to this reading, one of your archangels is determined by your date of birth. A second is determined by the letters in your full name and a third is determined by your initials. Once you provide that information, you find out which three archangels are your guardian angels and you also gain some insight into what they are trying to tell you.

To get your free Guardian Angels/Archangels reading, click here.

Free Cosmic energy profile

If you’re interested in either astrology or numerology, you may be interested in this particular reading. An ancient Mayan calendar offers some insight into your life. You simply enter your birthday and you get what’s known as a galactic signature, which is said to represent both your inner being and what’s going on in the world around you. Your galactic signature is also associated with a color, which also gives further insights into your emotional makeup. When I did my reading, I learned that my color was red, which means that I am a dreamer, a creator and a big thinker — all of those descriptions being true. This reading also gives you some insight into your challenges. For me, patience and persistence are tough and again, the reading was right on point

This was actually one of my favorite free readings of the bunch.
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