Hate Facebook? Maybe you’re psychic

As you strengthen your psychic ability, you’re going to literally begin to feel when people are dishonest with you. Television shows like Lie to Me spotlighted how liars can be detected. Forensic psychologists and profilers will give you a boatload of tips on how to spot a liar. There are also all kinds of Web sites out there giving you tips on detecting liars by studying their body language, their eye movements and the fluidness of their speech.

Well, guess what? You don’t need to study the topic in a textbook. Your natural psychic ability will enable you to just sense when others aren’t being entirely truthful.

Even when those other people aren’t directly in front of you face to face. Yes, you’ll be able to (if you can’t already) tell if someone is lying to you in an email, in a text message or yes, even on Facebook.

For me, it’s often a little feeling of uneasiness when I read an email or receive a message from someone who isn’t entirely truthful. It doesn’t have to be a situation of major deception or manipulation. The person could simply be saying they’re doing great when I can instinctively feel that things aren’t going as well as they would have me believe. Or it may be that someone is spouting compliments about something that I know they aren’t truly sincere about.

So why might that make you hate Facebook? Well, Facebook is a hotbed for liars, or those who are just stretching the truth. How many times have you seen someone post status updates about the bad things going on in their lives? Instead, you typically get a picture that’s painted with rose-colored glasses about vacations, fulfilling romances, great kids, successful jobs. Facebook status updates are often nothing more than press releases — an image that we’d like the world to believe about us.

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While the average person is going to accept that rose-colored picture, the stronger your psychic ability grows the more you’re going to be bothered by blatant untruths. For example, a status update just might not ring right. Trust the insight that you get from your intuition even if there is no evidence to back it up.

In some instances this could be very helpful. If you read a post on Facebook by a loved one and feel that the information is untrue and worry that the loved one is going through a challenging time, you can always follow up with the person by making a phone call just to reach out.

Other times you may find yourself simply becoming annoyed. Of course, your job isn’t to confront people or call them out on their lies. After all, their lies are about them; the lies have nothing to do with you. However, it’s not unusual for some who are very psychically evolved to shun Facebook. Others may find the deceptions that play out on Facebook to be amusing. After all, you know that you can’t be hoodwinked by someone’s fake Facebook persona. In a world that often values image and pretense over substance, you may feel like you’re alone sometimes as you follow the true intuitive path of authenticity.

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