Update: Psychics correctly pick New England Patriots to win the SuperBowl

Update: Well it looks like the psychics came out on top. The New England Patriots are the SuperBowl champions winning 28 to 24.

Have you made your SuperBowl predictions? You’re not alone.

Psychics aren’t just called on to chime in on the most serious matters such as love, careers and health. Huffington Post did a survey of psychics to find out which team they predicted would win the SuperBowl.

The answer? Bad news for the reigning SuperBowl champion Seattle Seahawks.

Twenty five psychics responded to Huffington Post’s request. Though many of them said they were doing it in fun since predicting SuperBowl scores is largely outside of their expertise, they obliged in the fun spirit of the day.

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A couple of the psychics who responded to the request admitted that they didn’t know much of anything about sports and they actually had to go to a newspaper and look up who was playing. If you ask me, that actually would make those psychics’ predictions more valuable. I’d trust the prediction of a psychic who knew nothing about sports over a psychic who hates the Seattle Seahawks or wishes their Dallas Cowboys were in the big game anyday.

Of the psychics who were surveyed, 16 out of 25 told Huffington Post that the New England Patriots would win.

The psychics represented a cross-section of the country.

Interestingly, the most common score predicted for the New England Patriots, according to Huffington Post, was a tie between 21 and 23.

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