How to Ask for Signs from the Universe

One of the biggest things that will hold you back from using your psychic ability effectively is not asking the right questions. So many of us view psychic ability as a passive affair. We think it’s something that just happens to us and we just get signs or insights out of the blue and we never know when they will occur or see them coming.

I don’t know about you, but that is a frustrating thought to me and one of the reasons why I sought out books and classes about psychic development. I believed that psychic ability was a gift that everyone has — if we learn how to use it. And I wanted to use that gift at will to help me discover answers to my questions about life and help me find my way on my unique path.

While it’s somewhat true that you may never be certain when you’ll get a sign or a psychic insight, I realized that you can increase the frequency of them by engaging with your intuition. You can literally ask for a sign. And when you trust that you will get one and you open all of your senses to receive it, that sign will come.

Times to ask for a sign

While you can literally ask for a sign at any time, there are some occasions when it might be particularly helpful. Here are some questions you might be asking yourself where a sign could come in handy.

Am I on the right path? You can ask for a sign to give you confirmation that you are where you need to be. An example of this happening is if you decide to apply for a job with a certain company and then you happen to meet someone from that company right after you made the decision.

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Should I do x or y? When you’re trying to pick between two choices, a sign can show you the one that will lead to the better outcome. You may be deciding between taking a vacation in the Caribbean or going to visit relatives in New York. If you suddenly hear about discounted flights to the Caribbean, that could be a sign to choose that destination.

How will I know I’ve met the one/found the job/identified the right person? A sign can help you identify a person or event that you don’t want to miss. If you’re hiring someone for a job, you might see a cardinal land on your windowsill when during an interview with one of the candidates.

Tips for identifying a sign

So how can you tell that you’re getting a sign? Is it possible to miss it entirely? Of course it is. Many people are so distracted with their day-to-day lives that they miss psychic signs all the time. Others believe that signs are always dramatic so they overlook the obvious. Rarely will a sign be on the scale of a burning bush. Typically, it will be something more subtle. However the key quality of a sign is that it grabs your attention.

When looking for signs:

Look for something that has meaning to you

A sign to me might not be a sign to you. There has to be some sort of special significance in order for it to qualify. For example, one sign that I’ve received is the four numbers that made up my home address when I was a child. Chances are those numbers wouldn’t mean anything to you, but for me, they always stop me in my tracks.

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Look for something that’s repetitive

If you notice something that happens more than once, that could be a sign. For example, if I see a rabbit twice in the same week, I’m likely going to think about what that rabbit is trying to tell me.

Pay attention to your attention

You’ll naturally be drawn to signs. Logically, it might not make sense so don’t try to figure out why something interests you. Instead, ask yourself what it might mean.

Noticing a sign in your dreams

Some of us find that we’re most intuitive when we’re dreaming. I’ve also come across a lot of people who say their introduction to their psychic abilities came through their dreams. So it’s not unusual for a psychic sign to come to you that way too.

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However, here’s the thing: We often forget our dreams the minute we wake up so it’s easy to get a sign and then instantly forget it. We can avoid this by making a regular practice out of dream recall. The more we practice remembering our dreams, the more likely we’ll be successful in doing so. Also, keep a dream journal or a tape recorder by your bed and immediately record what you remember. Sometimes as you’re writing down or recording your recollections of the dreams, you’ll remember even more about it.

Of course not every dream contains a psychic sign, but here are some ways that a sign may reveal itself in a dream:

  1. You wake up with a word, image or sound on your mind. You might not even remember the dream itself, but if a single aspect of the dream is the first thing you think of when you wake up, write it down in your psychic journal and keep an eye out for that word, image or sound throughout the coming days. Sometimes when this happens, you may wake up suddenly with the thought on your mind and be unable to go back to sleep.
  2. The dream is a source of confirmation or it offers an answer you’ve been looking for. Sometimes we’ll literally get an answer to a longstanding question that we have in a dream. We may wonder if we should take a new job and we’ll dream of that job being a disaster. Or we may wonder if we need to take our pet to the vet and dream about our pet being sick. Yes, you should consider both of those dreams signs.
  3. You wake up at an auspicious time. Have you ever found yourself waking up at the same time in the middle of the night? For me it often happens around 3 am. When that happens, write down whatever you remember from the last dream that you had.

Asking for a sign

So how do you let the Universe know you’re open for signs and would like to receive them?

Simply ask

It’s amazing how complicated we make things. All you have to do really is set an intention that you notice more signs to guide you on your life’s path.

Keep a question top of mind

If you want a sign to provide you with guidance on a particular question, ask the Universe for an answer to the question. If you’re wondering whether to go back to school and change careers, literally ask for a sign to give you the answer. You might be led to a book about career transitions or you might notice a billboard for a local college or University, suggesting that the career change might be a good move. Or perhaps, instead, your boss mentions that you’re in line for big promotion, which might suggest that you’d be better off sticking where you are.

Ask for specific signs from the Universe

You can also ask for signs that serve as something of a head’s up. If you’re currently hunting for jobs, ask for a sign to know when you’ve found the right one. Looking for Mr. or Ms. Right? Ask for a sign to let you know when they’ve crossed your path. Some people even ask the Universe to provide a certain sign. For example, you might ask for a visit by an animal that has special meaning to you or the appearance of a certain sequence of numbers when your ideal mate comes along. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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