Void of Course Moons: How to Make them Work for You

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Did you ever notice that there are times when you work on something and everything seems to flow, while there are other times when you start something, yet can’t seem to make any headway? Think of a void of course moon (VOC) as the latter. During a void of course moon the wind is pushing against you rather than propelling you forward. How you harness this energy can be the difference between achieving your goals and watching them fizzle. Here’s what you need to know.

What is a void of course moon?

If you’re a moon baby, you know that the moon travels through the zodiac every 27 1/4 days. Why do you know this? Because each month you look forward to the new moon so you can focus on manifesting new things and you revel in the full moon when your magical nature is most powerful. For me, personally, the full moon is the time that I’m most intuitive, and I’m most likely to have prophetic dreams. But the new moon and the full moon aren’t the only phenomena you should pay attention to. The moon’s other motions through the zodiac can have other repercussions in your life.

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Since the moon travels through the zodiac so quickly, it has to move through all 12 of the signs during that 27-day period. That means it typically only spends about 2 1/4 days in one sign before it goes to the next. While the moon is in a particular sign, it interacts with, or forms aspects with, other planets. When it has interacted with its last planet in a particular sign and is headed to the next sign, the moon is considered to be void of course.

How often do they occur

So when do void of course moons occur and how often do you have to worry about them? Well it turns out pretty frequently. Remember, the moon moves through a new sign every couple of days so you can expect a void of course period about that often.

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The period of time that the moon is void of course varies. It could be a few minutes, it could be a few hours or in some rare cases, it can even last a couple of days.

The easiest way to track this is to take advantage of the astrological calculations that have already been done or find a void of course moon calendar.

What happens during a void of course moon

So if you’re wondering what happens during a void of course moon, look closely at the phrase itself. It’s just as it sounds. Think of what would happen if your greatest efforts were voided out. Many believe that nothing will come of anything that is started during a void of course moon period. So if you start a new project during that time, it either won’t succeed or you’ll have to re-do what was done during the void of course period. If you do a manifestation ritual during that time, you won’t manifest what you desire. If you start a new romance or friendship during that period, the relationship won’t endure.

Now there are some areas in life where ‘nothing coming of something’ is the best thing that can happen. An example I often see is this: If you have to see a doctor for a regular checkup, see him or her during a void of course moon period because you want nothing to come of the appointment. If you have to come clean to someone about something you did that you’re not proud of, maybe doing so during a void of course moon period could cut down on the amount of fallout from your actions.

So can you see how a void of course moon period can affect your life? By taking certain actions during a void of course moon period, you can make things more difficult for yourself. At the very least, you can find yourself exerting more energy to get simple tasks done since efforts made during the void of course period are often not effective and may have to be redone. In worst case scenarios, you can doom your efforts to failure simply by launching a new project or goal at a bad time.

What to do and what not to do during this time

I’m not saying you have to stop your life every time a void of course moon rolls around. That’s not possible. Sometimes they occur during the day when you’re at work or there’s something you have to do during this period. However, just be mindful. While there’s nothing wrong with working on a project during a void of course period, try not to start a project during that time. I worked on this blog post during a void of course period, but I wouldn’t start working on a new project such as a book at that time.

Also, if I had to do something important during a void of course moon I’d plan some time to go back over my work once the period was over, if I had to.

When you have to work or do something during this period, try to focus on routine tasks rather than try something new that will be taking up a lot of energy. I’d avoid the following:

  • Shopping outside of routine grocery shopping
  • Starting a new project
  • Going on a first date
  • Asking for a raise
  • Negotiating a salary
  • Announcing a run for president
  • Releasing a new product
  • Trying a new recipe

Do you get the drift? But that doesn’t mean the void of course periods are useless. In fact the opposite is true. You may be more intuitive during a void of course moon so listen to your intuition. Also, use the time for self-care rituals such as meditation, yoga, a hot bath, sleep, contemplation, journaling or reading. Be still and pay attention to your thoughts and what comes up during this time as it can be super revealing and you may stumble on some valuable insights.

One thing I do is I prepare for the next phase the moon will be entering and give myself some down time to relax if possible. I’ve noticed I’m sometimes tired during these periods anyway so I allow my body to do what it craves.

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