How to make peace with a past life

If you’ve begun the process of exploring your past lives, you may find that you suddenly have an explanation for some of your greatest fears, phobias and problems. Everyone in the world carries emotional baggage. Think of all of the people you know who have abandonment issues. In fact, you may even be one of them. But many of us don’t realize that we often carry baggage from past lives, as well.

For example, a person who died in a fire in a past life might have an inexplicable fear of fire in their current life. Likewise, a person who lost a child in a past life might have fears of motherhood in a current life. Perhaps you have a major conflict with a family member or colleague. The root of that conflict may go back to a past life in which the two of you had a disagreement that was never resolved. A great love affair in which you felt like you knew the person the moment you met might, in fact, be a love affair that has transcended multiple lifetimes.

It can be fascinating to explore your past lives, and you can come away from the process feeling like you have a deeper appreciation for your current life and also with a greater understanding of why you have certain struggles. But if you find that a fear or struggle is rooted in a past life, does that mean that you’re destined to grapple with it forever? Not at all. In fact, learning about how a past life is impacting your current life can give you the opportunity to resolve the issue and finally move on.

Making peace with a past life

The first step in making peace with a past life is simple awareness. Once you’re aware of the root of a problem, you immediately begin to look at it differently.

For example, if I know that my fear of flying is a result of having died before in a plane crash, I can recognize that I’m simply experiencing a form of post-traumatic stress, if you will. I can then remind myself that even if I died in a plane crash before, it didn’t stop me from living. Often, fears of death can be overcome when we explore our past lives because we’re reminded that death is not final. It can also help with grief because we know that our loved ones who have passed over are still around and we’ll likely be in contact with them again and again and again.

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Another thing you can do to make peace with a past life is face your fear. Again, once you know that there is a logical reason for your fear or issue, then be willing to confront it. If you were ostracized for your spiritual beliefs in a past life and you’re now afraid to explore your spirituality, you might give yourself permission to take one small step each week explore your spiritual side.

Hypnosis may be helpful to some who are having trouble making peace with a past life. By working with a past life regressionist to move past the barriers of your conscious mind, you may find ways to accept the events that occurred in your past life and avoid carrying past problems into your current world. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.