Magical spells: A sign that spells work

It’s natural for those who are interested in spells, whether they are love spells, money spells or even revenge spells, to wonder if magic is real. Not only are metaphysicians or those experiencing a spiritual awakening interested in this question, but scientists have also taken on the subject as well. There are many experiments that have been done to try to prove that magic exists. Many of these experiments have shown that there is more to life than we can logically understand.

One such experiment attempted to show that there is, indeed, an invisible energy that connects us and is more powerful than we can logically perceive. Scientists took a DNA sample of several volunteers and separated the DNA from the volunteers. Scientists then used different materials to elicit emotions such as fear, excitement or anger in the volunteers.

It’s common knowledge that when we experience emotions, there is a physical response in our bodies. For example, our hearts may race, we may perspire — there are ways that our emotion is acknowledged through our physical responses. What scientists discovered in this experiment is that when we have an emotional response, not only is there a physical response in our bodies, but there is a physical response in our DNA — even if that DNA is located miles away. In this experiment, each time the volunteers’ physical bodies generated responses, the DNA in the lab did as well, even though the DNA was separated from the volunteers.  You can find out more about this experiment by clicking here to watch this presentation.

What the experiment shows is that there is an invisible web of energy connecting everything. Magic and the use of spells is simply a method of using this web of energy to manifest things in our lives. This experiment also shows the power of our thoughts and emotions. When we experience an emotional response, our physical bodies react. Think of how we can use that information to our advantage by imagining our bodies healthy and happy and in a state of bliss.

Once you understand this web of connection, it’s easier to grasp the power of magic. When you infuse that knowledge with belief that it will work and a certain intention and desire to see the manifestation of something you have an even more powerful phenomenon. There are certain herbs and other tools found in nature that can add even more potency to a spell. After all, spells acknowledge that all things are connected, even those things found in nature.

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