A Morning Tarot Card Ritual for Daily Guidance


tarot card ritualIf you’re like me, you often wake up wondering what the day holds in store. You may wonder if your day will go according to plan or if something will come out of left field to throw you off your game. One way that I look for insight into the day ahead is to take a little time to turn to tarot.

Tarot cards are probably my favorite divination tool. It is believed that tarot cards were originally used for parlor games, but some time around the 18th Century, people started using them for divination. There are so many different decks with different artistic styles that there’s no doubt you can find one that resonates with you. Many people including myself use multiple decks. On any given day, I’ll choose a deck that  is resonating with me most at that time.

Some people get caught up on the idea of memorizing a bunch of card meanings but you don’t have to do that to use tarot for daily guidance. I’m not saying it isn’t helpful to memorize meanings, but the cards are meant to stimulate your intuition and they will do that if you know the official meanings or not. When you look at a tarot card and take in the imagery, it will spur certain thoughts in your mind. That’s your intuition talking to you.

A psychic message a day

The 9 of cups often known as the ‘wish card’ can be viewed as a sign that wishes will soon be fulfilled.

So how can you utilize tarot to give you a leg up on the rest of the day? Give yourself about five minutes — that’s really all you need. It’s best to have uninterrupted time. While you can do this exercise at any time, I prefer to do it in the mornings because that’s when I have the entire day ahead of me. I’ve found that the messages I get often help me make better decisions when things come up during the day. I’m also less likely to be surprised.

Set the intention to receive a message about the day ahead. Believe that you deserve to receive spiritual guidance to help you make the most of the hours ahead.

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Shuffle the deck and then pick one card. (An alternative way to do it is to keep shuffling the cards until a card pops out. That’s my favorite way to choose tarot cards because it’s clear that the Universe picked the card, not me.)

Pay attention to the first things that come to mind. If you know tarot card meanings, great. Apply them if you believe that the meanings resonate with what your gut is telling you. If you don’t know tarot card meanings, simply pay attention to what the card makes you think of. Does it make you feel happy? Sad? Hopeful? Angry? Does it make you think of a certain person or situation that’s currently in your life? Be open to what comes to mind and don’t try to filter what you get.

Write your message down.  I’m a big proponent of writing things down. It’s easy to forget a message and intuitive guidance may not be evident the moment you receive it. When you write it down, you also may notice patterns. For example, you may notice over the course of a week that the daily cards you pull have a theme and are telling you a broader story. By writing your messages down, you can see how often your intuition proved correct and gain confidence in your psychic abilities.

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