Must you be a believer to experience psychic phenomena?

If you’ve ever heard three different people describe the same experience, you know that one person can see one thing while another person has a different experience entirely. In fact, that’s why witness testimony is so ineffective. People view life from the lens of their past experiences and their beliefs. In other words, you’re likely to see proof of your beliefs in your day to day life.

As a result, if you are a believer in psychic phenomena you are more likely to notice it. For example, if you run into someone who you were thinking of moments ago and you believe in psychic phenomena, you may believe that you experienced a premonition or a synchronicity. However, if you do not believe in psychic phenomena, you may simply chalk the experience up as being a coincidence.

When you are a believer in psychic phenomena you are also more open to experiences. When you are open, you are more likely to pick up on telepathy, for example. Or your own psychic ability will be stronger and you may feel the tension in the room or sense what a loved one is feeling.

If you visit a psychic yet are a skeptic, you may inhibit that person’s ability to give you a helpful reading. In effect, your skepticism may be creating a shield that keeps the psychic from picking up information on you. While such an experience would prove to you what you already believe — that psychics are fake — it would not be accurate in this case.

However, that does not mean that non-believers are immune to psychic ability. There are many instances of people who were skeptical of psychic phenomena who later became believers after they had a life-changing experience.

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While you can’t force yourself to believe something, if you are interested in psychic topics yet you don’t consider yourself a believer, you may be conflicted about the topic. Perhaps you do actually believe in psychic phenomena but are afraid to acknowledge it. Maybe you have religious beliefs that have told you that psychics are evil. Maybe you have repressed your beliefs because someone else told you that psychic phenomena is not real.

Examine your interest and ask yourself whether the beliefs that you carry are actually the beliefs that you hold closest to your heart. As you change your beliefs and your perceptions, your life opens up and begins to change. Make sure it’s changing according to what’s truly in alignment with your soul. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.