A true ghost story showing a mother’s love

Stories about ghosts or spirits reaching out from the dead always captivate us. While many ghost stories are meant to scare people, in reality, many stories involving spirits have to do with those who have crossed over to the other side reaching back to help those of us still on the Earthly plane.

A recent news story that seems to demonstrate that is the case of the 18-month-old toddler who survived the terrible car accident that killed her mother, 25-year old Lynn Jennifer Groesbeck.  The baby was alive in her car seat for 14 hours after the crash, until police officers came upon the accident scene. The car was also submerged in a river.

But the way the baby was found is extraordinary. The police officers say they heard a woman’s voice calling to them from the vicinity of the overturned car. When officers spotted the car, they heard pleas from help coming from a woman inside.

But the voice could not have come from the mother because she was already dead. And the voice could not have come from the toddler who is not yet old enough to communicate that clearly.

So what exactly happened? According to the Daily Mail, one of the police officers Tyler Beddoes said, “For two nights I’ve laid awake trying to figure out exactly what it could be. All I know is it was there, we all heard it.” And it wasn’t just one person who heard the calls for help. There were multiple officers who all agree that a voice was pleading for them to take action.

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Could the voice have belonged to Lynn Jennifer Groesbeck and was she sticking around to make sure her baby was okay? It is widely believed that spirits who die will not cross over to the other side if there is unfinished business to take care of. In fact, that’s the reason most hauntings are believed to take place. A spirit is unable to leave a certain location because it feels like there is something that has not been completed.

Perhaps Groesbeck refused to cross over until her baby was found. Or another possibility is that one of the baby’s Spirit Guides was there to make sure the baby was found since it evidently was not her time to cross over to the other side.

Regardless of who the voice belonged to this is a story that proves that we have supernatural protection all around us whether we can see it or not.

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