New Moon Magic: Metaphysical Help for that New Job or Relationship

new moon magic

There has always been a close connection between magic and nature. Astrology looks at the movement of the planets and the stars. You can also benefit from understanding the cycles of the moon and benefiting from new moon magic.

Like clockwork, the moon undergoes cycles that we can count on. Each month, it starts as a new moon and then moves through its various phases until it reaches full moon status and then begins to recede again. So how can this help you in your life? There are certain activities that you will have metaphysical help with if you abide by the moon’s power.

New moons are times for new beginnings. When the moon is new, it is a time of great potential. So if you are starting something new in your life, draw in new moon energy. Consider conducting a moon ritual during the new moon if:

You are intending a new relationship or are in the beginning stages of a romance. If you’re finally ready to move on after a relationship that has ended, a new moon is a good time to set that intention.

You have a new business idea that you’d like to explore. If you’ve been thinking about starting a business on the side or even quitting your day job to start a lightworker business, look to the wisdom of the new moon.

You have a creative project that you’re beginning to bring into existence. Whether it’s a book, a painting or even a new hobby you want to explore, let the new moon magic give you a push.

You’re ready to start looking for a new job. The new moon can be the ideal time to start circulating that resume or inviting a colleague out to coffee.

You’re getting ready to move into a new home or apartment. If you can set the move-in date, try to have it coincide with the new moon. If you’re searching for the ideal place, step up your search activities during the new moon.

A new moon ritual to try

New moon magic rituals needn’t be anything dramatic. On the night of a new moon or one or two days later, simply write down on a piece of paper what new thing in your life you intend to bring into creation.

You might go outside once darkness comes and recite your list to the Universe, or you can even think about it silently in your head.

If you are into candle magic, light a candle that represents your intention. As the candle burns focus on your intention and know that when the candle has burned down, your intention has been received. You can even look to the candle flame for messages. This post will explain how to read those messages from the flame.

Whatever type of ritual will move your spirit and give you a sense of peace and resolution, that’s what you should do. As you end your ritual remember to give thanks to the Universe for bringing your desire to bear. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.