A crystal to heal a broken heart

Though we all yearn for fulfilling relationships, the promise of love always comes with the risk of loss. Even if a love relationship¬†seems like it will go the distance, there’s a chance that in time you and a loved one will grow apart. When a love relationship sours and leads to a broken heart, you can literally feel like your heart has been ripped from your chest.

But broken hearts do heal, and there are metaphysical ways that you can help your heart to do that. One is through the use of crystals.

If you’re wondering how crystals work, consider the fact that everything on the planet has energy. Some objects have lighter, faster energy while other objects have slower, denser energy. Think of electricity. Light travels so quickly that we can’t see it move. It has light and fast energy. On the other hand, humans have a denser, slower energy. The energy of crystals is somewhere between that of light and that of humans. Their energy is lighter and carries a higher vibration than that of humans. So when you spend time with crystals, your energy begins to vibrate at a higher level closer to that of the crystal. That is the basic premise behind crystal healing.

Different crystals have different properties and facilitate different types of healing. So if you wanted to enhance a certain quality in your life, you would want to use a corresponding crystal. As you spend time with that crystal, you would begin to cultivate the qualities that the particular crystal brings out.

So going back to the broken heart. What crystal would you turn to if you wanted to ease the pain of a broken heart? The crystal Rhodonite would be a helpful ally during such a time. Rhodonite is pink (as several other love-related crystals are). If you’re grieving a broken relationship, it can help you to better handle your heavy emotions. It can also help to stabilize those emotions so you feel better.

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By carrying Rhodonite in your pocket or sleeping with it under your pillow, it can bring welcome relief while also sending positive energy to your heart chakra. You might find a piece of jewelry that has Rhodonite to wear. ¬†By having the crystal on your person, you show your faith in the Universe and your trust that it will tend to your heart while you are going about your day-to-day life. It’s important to experience the emotions that come with a broken heart, because in doing so, your heart chakra literally expands.

It’s been said that when the heart breaks, it actually breaks open, which means it is capable of experiencing even more love. By working with Rhodonite, you commit to learning the lessons of heartbreak and preparing yourself for the greater relationship that is yet to come as long as you allow it to enter your experience.

When you accept pain and commit to learning its lessons, it usually begins to cease.

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