The numerological meaning of your dissatisfaction

by Fenesha Hubbard

Recently a very esteemed, effective and seasoned teacher asked me “How can I get your job?” I received the question as a compliment, but then probed deeper to find out the person’s true question.

Teachers are in the education profession because they love teaching. If an educator is asking for an out, or for a change, it’s usually because they’ve reached a level of dissatisfaction.

Think about where you may be experiencing dissatisfaction. I’d like to offer you a numerological perspective of what the dissatisfaction is asking of you.

Letters vibrate to the frequencies 1 through 9, and when you combine the letters in a word you reach a number to which the entire word vibrates. For example, the word ab (short for abdominal) vibrates to the frequency of 1 + 2, which is 3.

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Let’s look at the vibration of the word dissatisfaction.

dissatisfaction: the condition or feeling of being displeased; discontent.

Dissatisfaction vibrates to the number 60, which reduces to a 6. I’ll explain each of the numerical vibrations to give a full picture of the word dissatisfaction. It’s important to consider both numerical vibrations, because many words can also vibe to a 6, but not necessarily to 60. For example, chagrin vibrates to a 42, which also reduces to a 6.

The Gifts of Dissatisfaction

Under the 6 vibration is the desire to bring a sense of balance and harmony. The dissatisfaction is telling you that something is out of balance, or that there is disharmony in your life. As a result, the lens through which you see other situations in your life will be more grim than normal.

Regaining balance in your life when you feel dissatisfaction is paramount to your mental well-being. Having a balanced and harmonious life will often result in you being more pleased with yourself, and thus perceiving other situations from a more positive viewpoint. It is also important to pay attention to what caused the imbalance, so that when you experience disappointment again, you can easily grow through it.

Now let’s consider the vibration of dissatisfaction at it’s core, which is the number 60. Under the 60 vibration is the desire to work independently and purposefully. If you find it difficult to regain balance during times of disappointment, ask yourself what it is that you are yearning to do or express. The desire to work independently is an indicator that you may be not be putting your needs and desires first. Also, consider what is motivating and inspiring your actions. You may have lost your sense of purpose.

Dissatisfaction vibrates to the message that you ought to get back to your true self. Trust your vibes and take action to live with more joy!

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