How your throat chakra can hold you back

Signs your throat chakra is holding you backDo you hold back from sharing with others? Are you shy? Do you hate public speaking? Are you hiding what you really want to do or be in your life? If so, your throat chakra could be holding you back.

Our chakras, or energy centers, impact our lives in many different ways. And different chakras correspond with different aspects of our lives. Our fifth chakra, or throat chakra, controls our sense of self-expression, and our ability to speak our truths. If we don’t speak our truth, we are lying not only to the world, but we are lying to ourselves. Self-betrayal is the original sin, and living a lie can only eat away at you.

A blocked fifth chakra can also wreak havoc on our relationships. If you find it difficult to communicate freely with your partner, or you hold back aspects of yourself, throat chakra healing may be able to help you improve your situation.

It is important that we learn how to speak our truths. In fact, a blocked fifth chakra that goes untreated can also begin to manifest into physical symptoms such as a chronic sore throat or unexplained hoarseness. If you develop a case of laryngitis, stop to ask yourself, ‘am I failing to speak my truth to the world?’

A blocked fifth chakra can also hurt you professionally. It can keep you from speaking up at a meeting, it can keep you from volunteering for an important project, and it can keep you from networking with people who could help your career. If you are a business owner, it can keep you from growing your business effectively.

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If you believe your throat chakra can use some work there are many things you can do to bring balance to it. Singing is good for opening a blocked throat chakra, as is chanting and reciting affirmations. Every time you stand up and express yourself, you work your throat chakra, so consider joining a Toastmaster’s Class or practicing public speaking. Blue is the color associated with the throat chakra so wearing the color blue can help you to focus your intention on strengthening that chakra. Meditation can also work wonders for your throat chakra. Click here to learn more about chakra healing methods. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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