How to Tell A Dream Was Prophetic

prophetic dreamEver had a dream that felt like it was prophetic? Maybe you dreamt about a loved one and in the dream, that person was in trouble. There could be happy instances too. For example, I know someone who dreamt that her sister had just gotten engaged and the next day her sister called her to tell her that she had just gotten engaged!

But there’s no doubt that prophetic dreams can be troubling, particularly when they seem to foretell an event that you don’t want to happen. If you suspect that a dream may, in fact, be a premonition, here are a couple of ways you can figure out if you’re right.

Check information that can be verified. Sometimes when we’re dreaming, we dream about details that can be verified. Say you dream about a family member who lives cross-country, and you believe it was an intuitive dream. In the dream, you may have noticed that it was raining. If you check the weather for the person you dreamt about, you might find that the weather details corresponded with your dream.

Likewise, you may have dreamt about someone who lives nearby and noticed certain places in the dream. If you find yourself with that person in a place that showed up in the dream, that could be a sign for you to pay special attention.

Ask about the details. If you dreamt about someone else and you suspect that it was an intuitive dream, consider reaching out to that person and starting a conversation. Do not tell them that you dreamt about them. Instead, ask them generally how they are doing. Pay attention to the conversation and see if they mention anything that reflects your dream.

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You might also steer the conversation toward your dream’s subject matter. For example, if you dreamt that the person was having difficulties at work, bring up their job and ask them how things are going.

It’s always a good idea to write down the details from your dream as soon as possible. It’s so easy to forget tiny details that can make all the difference in helping you determine if your dream is in fact an intuitive message.

Should you tell someone you had a prophetic dream about them?

If you find during the course of the conversation that your dream was on point, consider whether you want to share that information, and if so, how you should best share it. Everybody isn’t going to be open to that idea. Some people will feel like you’re being intrusive. Others might prefer that you mind your own business, particularly if the dream was about a subject that they are not comfortable talking about.

Here are some questions you might want to ask yourself before opening your mouth and sharing.

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Would they appreciate hearing the information?
Do they believe in psychic ability?
Will they be freaked out if you say you received the information in a dream?
Do they trust you in the first place?
Would the person be in danger if you did not share the information? 

If the person wouldn’t be comfortable hearing about the dream, do this: Simply provide advice or a friendly suggestion based on what you got from the dream without revealing any information about the dream itself.

If you do decide to share the information in the dream, ask the person first if they’re ok with you sharing it. You might say, “I dreamt about you last night. Do you want me to share the dream?” If they say ‘yes,’ go ahead and share the dream, but leave the interpretation to them.

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