Psychic Empathy: A Curse During Natural Disasters

Psychic empathy is an intuitive gift that can be difficult to deal with. When you are a psychic empath, you feel the emotions of others. That might sound good when everyone around you is happy and joyful. But when people are dealing with tough emotions, it can be challenging to say the least. When disasters strike, such as hurricanes, earthquakes and mass shootings, psychic empaths can easily find themselves going into overload.

In recent weeks and months, the world has seen so many tragedies, from natural disasters like Hurricane Maria to manmade disasters such as terrorist attacks and mass shootings. Most people feel empathy for victims of disasters, but psychic empaths may start to feel overwhelmed.

psychic empathySigns You’re Experiencing Psychic Empathy

Wondering if psychic empathy is making it more difficult for you to deal with natural disasters? Consider the following signs.

You feel anxious, overwhelmed and sad when watching the news. You might even try to avoid the news by tuning out entirely.  On the flip side, you may become obsessed with watching the news to find out the latest on the victims because you feel emotionally drawn to them.

You feel more tired and lethargic when disasters strike. Psychic empaths pick up on the heavy emotions of others during times of disasters and catastrophes. Not only are they feeling their own sadness, but they’re feeling the collective sadness of the public at large. That’s enough to make anyone tired, and if you have psychic empathy, you may find yourself sleeping more often or simply feeling as if you have little energy.

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Your eating and drinking habits may change. When we feel the anxiety of others, we naturally seek to do things to make ourselves feel better. However, the actions that we take may not be in our best interest. Many psychic empaths use food or alcohol to numb their senses because they are feeling so much. While that can be a temporary solution, the heavy feelings are going to come back, and you may be doing irreparable damage to your health.

Ways to Ground Yourself During Disasters

So if you are a psychic empath, it’s important to ground yourself during times of high anxiety. You don’t have to suffer, but you do have to be proactive or else you’ll simply take on the emotions of others.

If you meditate, you know how calming meditation can be. If you don’t meditate, you might want to start the next time there is a disaster that you’re feeling affected by. Even taking five to ten minutes to be still and quiet your mind can work wonders on helping you to feel less anxious.

Another way to ground yourself is to visualize yourself surrounded by white light. State silently to yourself that you will only experience your own emotions during the disaster. That intention can help you to avoid picking up on the feelings of others.

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