Psychic fiction book review: A psychic thriller

Tuesday’s Child
By Dale Mayer

Among the genres that  tend to feature characters with psychic abilities  are mysteries and suspense. Tuesday’s Child
by Dale Mayer falls in this category and if you like to see how characters become more comfortable with their psychic abilities, this book won’t disappoint.

Make sure you don’t get this book mixed up with another book of the same title by Fern Michaels.  Dale Mayer’s story centers around Samantha Blair, a young woman who has dreams of gruesome murders as they take place. But as Samantha is an empath, she literally feels what the women are feeling as they are being murdered. Not only does she feel their terror, but she experiences the physical wounds. In fact, it’s not uncommon for wounds to open up on her body, and blood to ooze from real cuts.

Samantha does what any responsible psychic would do. She goes to the police department to let the detectives know what she’s picked up. However, many of the officers believe that she is crazy at best, and a suspect in the murders at worst.

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One law enforcement official, however, does believe her. Detective Brandt Sutherland is working to solve a string of serial killings and he is enthralled by Samantha’s story. Readers quickly learn that Brandt is open to psychic abilities, as he has worked in the past on cases with a psychic named Stefan. Brandt believes that Samantha is the real deal as far as her psychic abilities are concerned, and he also believes she’s the real deal as far as a love interest is concerned. Dale Mayer is a strong romance writer, and the romantic tension between the characters of Samantha and Brandt is palpable.

The story moves quickly. My one complaint is that I think the story uses too many different viewpoints. Some of the characters who Mayer tells the story through could and should have been left further in the background.

However, one of the strengths is the story’s ability to convey what it’s like to have psychic abilities and the fears that could come along with them. Samantha struggles to understand her gift and she doesn’t always appreciate it. That’s something many people who are experiencing their first psychic awakening may be able to relate to.

The book also sheds some light on what it’s like to be an empath. And in the scenes with both Samantha and Stefan, you get some insight into the types of exercises that can help you to strengthen your psychic abilities.

Tuesday’s Child takes you along for the ride of the serial killing investigation while teaching you about psychic abilities and leaving you looking for a good love story. It’s a page turner that could keep you up reading at night. As a psychic thriller, Tuesday’s Child delivers. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.