How to prepare for an online psychic reading

Have you ever had an online reading?
Sometimes you need answers to life’s dilemmas now. You’re up late tossing and turning because you’re not sure if your relationship is worth keeping. Maybe you’re worried about one of your children and aren’t sure how you can best be supportive. Or perhaps you’re wondering if now is the right time to quit your job and start running your side business full-time. A psychic can sometimes help you by shedding light on these situations. Psychics use their connection to the spiritual world to connect with your Spirit Guides to get answers that can best be applied to your life today.

Perhaps you don’t know about a psychic in your neighborhood that you can visit face to face. Or maybe you can’t get an immediate appointment with your regular neighborhood psychic. There are a number of Web sites that offer access to psychics 24 hours a day that can sound off on your particular situation.

Choosing an online reader

Just as you should use your intuition to guide you when choosing a psychic reader to visit in person, you should use your intuition to guide you when choosing an online psychic reader. Take a look at the psychic readers who are currently available and see if you’re drawn to any in particular. Perhaps it’s the photo that captures your attention. Or it could be something in the psychic reader’s bio that resonates with you. Don’t discount your immediate reactions. Your intuition plays just as much of a role in a reading as the intuition of the psychic reader.

You should also consider the questions that are top of mind for you. Different psychic readers specialize in different areas. For example, some specialize in money issues; others focus primarily on issues related to love. If you have a specific concern, you might do better contacting a reader that deals in that particular area. You also might consider whether the psychic reader has a specialty that you’re interested in. For example, some psychics specialize in past life readings. Others might focus on reading your Akashic Records. Still others might be adept at finding lost items or even finding lost loves. If you want to know about several different aspects of your life, you might simply go with a general psychic reader.

Mulling the costs of an online psychic reading

Psychic readers offer  a service, so it’s reasonable that you should be expected to pay for a reading. Life is about exchanges. We must be able to give and be able to receive in order to stay in balance. Different online psychic readers have different prices. Some services charge a straight $1 per minute for all psychics. Other sites have different prices for different readers since they let the readers set their own rates. For example, a psychic with a large following may charge $4 or $5 per minute for a psychic reading, while one who is just starting out may charge less than $1 per minute. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the more expensive psychic reader is the best one, or even the best one for you. Again, use your intuition to determine which reader feels the best to you.

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You may want to look for a psychic Web site that lets you have a couple of minutes for free or at a lower cost to see if you connect with the psychic. Keen, for example, has a 10 minute promotion for $1.99, which is a great deal since that’s plenty of time to get a couple of questions answered, and if you decide then that you want more time, you have the option to invest in the additional time with the psychic.

Finally, you want to make sure you’re in the right mindset for your reading. It’s best to be in somewhat of a meditative state in which you’re receptive to what the psychic is going to tell you. Keep your questions top of mind, even if you don’t tell the psychic reader exactly what’s on your mind. That way, your Spirit Guides can better respond to your needs. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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