When Psychic Kids Sense Negative Energy

psychic kids negative energyHas your child ever come into your room complaining about a monster under the bed or being afraid of the dark? While in some cases your child may just want to cuddle with you, he or she may actually be picking up on negative energy, particularly if they have strong psychic abilities.

I know that might sound unsettling, but don’t freak out. In fact, negative energy is probably more common than you think. That doesn’t mean you should expect a nightmare scenario like Poltergeist. However, a child who is sensitive to energy could be picking up on a spirit, or possibly energy fragments from those who used to live in your home.

The book Your Psychic Child by Sara Wiseman provides some advice for parents who suspect that their children may be picking up on something negative under the bed, in the closet or in another part of their bedroom.

Talk to your child about energy

One of the most beneficial skills a child can learn is how to trust his or her gut. Don’t you want your child to grow up being able to sense a negative vibe and acting accordingly? If so, make sure you let your child know that sensing energy is normal.

If your child feels resistant to spending time alone in his room, take him seriously. Let him know that you believe him. That way, he’ll be more likely to continue to talk to you about what he experiences as his psychic abilities grow.

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He’ll also be less likely to shut off his psychic abilities, which many children do once they realize that adults don’t believe what they are experiencing.

Remedies for negative energy

If a child is afraid of what’s under the bed, pick up a broom and literally move the bed and sweep under it. If the closet is giving your child a sense of the willies, clean it out. Wiseman suggests that you let the child see you do it. If you’re familiar with Feng Shui, you probably know that cleaning and clearing are two of the most powerful ways to improve a room’s energy. If your child is still hesitant, Wiseman suggests moving things around in the room to shift the energy some more.

Consider burning sage in the room. Sage is an herb that is used both for cooking and for medicinal purposes. When you burn sage, a process that is known as smudging, the smoke from the sage is believed to carry away negative energy, leaving the space around you clean and purified. Read more about how to burn sage to clear negative energy here.  You may try burning sage in your child’s room when your child isn’t home. Then, see if he or she feels more comfortable in the room when he or she comes back.

Certain crystals can be placed in the room to combat any negative energy. Obsidian absorbs negative energy from your environment. By placing it strategically in your child’s room, it can serve as another line of defense.

As you take these actions notice how you feel while in the room and if you notice a shift in energy. Your child is not the only one who can pick up on energy, and by taking his or her concerns seriously, you two can have a serious bonding experience that can do you both good.

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