Psychic Lessons from Hollywood Medium: Recap of Season 2, Episode 3

So what lessons can we get from Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry this week?
HollywoodMedium_S2_1920x1080_DDTFirst up, Tyler met with Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett, of Girls Next Door and Kendra on Top fame. Kendra admitted that she was open to a dead person coming through but when she thought about learning about the future, “that’s when I’m scared.”

Impressions popped up immediately for Tyler. He quickly sensed that she might be open to a third pregnancy even though she hadn’t shared that relatively new budding desire with anyone. (In the past, she had  been dead-set against it.) As she put it, she’d been saying ‘no’ while Tyler picked up on her “hormonal hell yes!”

He used pychometry – the act of holding onto objects to get a sense of their energy – and two grandmotherly figures came through. Turns out the objects belonged to one of them – Kendra’s maternal grandmother. Tyler gets a lot of his information by doodling on a piece of paper. Interestingly, as he was doodling, he wrote the word William (an example of automatic writing). Turns out Kendra’s grandfather’s name was ‘William.’

Kendra’s grandmother on her father’s side also came through. The interesting thing about this reading was that Kendra didn’t know her grandmother on her father’s side. That part of the family had been estranged. But it shows that even when we don’t make connections with family members in life, they can still be a part of our lives from the other side. So the grandparent who died before you were born or the aunt or sibling who you never had a chance to meet on Earth is likely one of your protective spirits on the other side.

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Next up, Tyler read for music producer and rapper Lil Jon. Now Lil Jon was very open to the reading. In fact, he said he could immediately feel Tyler’s energy. Lil Jon admits that he’s very spiritual. He told another interesting story. He said his mom was psychic when she was pregnant with him but those abilities to know things disappeared after he was born. Lil Jon thinks she transferred those abilities to him and he’s psychic.

Tyler started off by doing his normal scribbling. Lil Jon asked him how he got started with the scribbles and doodles and Tyler explained that he started doodling years ago. He had been on the phone talking with a friend and he started doodling and realized that as he scribbled he started seeing details about that friend.

During Lil Jon’s session, two women came through.  Both were very strong women, and they determined that it was his mother and grandmother.

Tyler picked up that there wasn’t much closure between Lil Jon and his mother when she died. Turns out, she died unexpectedly. She had a stroke and never became conscious enough after that to have a conversation with her family and say those good byes. He wanted to know if she knew the family was with her around her bedside, etc. Tyler picked up that she did know and she left this world knowing she was loved.

Lil Jon said it gave him closure and he feels like he had a conversation with her, which is one of the greatest benefits of getting a reading with a medium.

Next up was Carole Radziwill of Real Housewives of New York fame. Carole took one look at Tyler’s doodling notebook and asked if that was his file on her. That told Tyler that Carole was a cynic.

But no worries, he’d read for cynics before.

He held a ring in his left hand that Carole had given him and received impressions from a person who he believed died young and tragically. This person was a force to be reckoned with and had a bright future that was suddenly cut short.

Turns out the ring had been given to Carole by her best girfriend Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, who died in 1999 in a plane crash with her husband John F. Kennedy Jr. The ring had been a Christmas present to Carole from Carolyn.

Tyler said Carolyn is happy and she’s with her dog who she had loved during her lifetime. (For those who wonder if they’ll see their beloved pets, this is good confirmation).

She also let Tyler know that she has seen the changes in Carole’s career since her death. She knows Carole is now in reality television. This shows that our loved ones keep up with what’s going on with us and they see and can celebrate our accomplishments even from the other side.

Next, Tyler tried to connect with a watch but he couldn’t connect to it. This shows that you can’t always connect and sometimes even the best psychics don’t get anything.

The watch turned out to belong to Carole’s late husband. So why was Carolyn able to come through but Carole’s husband was not? Tyler suggested that it shows that Carolyn really needed to communicate with her best friend that day.

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