Psychic predictions for 2015

Well it’s that time again. Every year around this time, psychics begin to make their predictions about what will happen in 2015. While it’s still early and several psychics have not gotten their predictions in yet, the psychic advisers at Psychic Source have released some of their predictions, particularly about celebrities.

Among them: Beyonce and Jay Z will continue to experience major ups and downs and they will possibly split in 2015. However, they also predict that Beyonce will have another baby girl — possibly without JayZ.

Another notorious couple, Kim and Kanye, will stay together in 2015, but may break up soon after, psychics said. Kim Kardashian will also be pregnant again in 2015, Psychic Source psychics predict.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel will also have their fair share of problems in 2015, according to the psychics, but they are expected to make it through the rough patch to the other side.

It’s not all bad news for celebrity couples. Psychics saw Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux making it down the aisle, while Mile and Ashton will continue to move forward with their relationship and will eventually marry the following year.

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Beyond relationships, the psychics also made a couple of predictions about sports. They predict steroid scandals, as well as domestic violence and sexual assaults being exposed.

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