Psychic predictions of the Paris terrorist attacks

One of the true tests of a psychic’s abilities is his or her knack for making predictions before the fact and having a record of those predictions to look to after an event seemingly occurs. It’s not enough to say you knew something was going to happen if nobody knows you knew it.

After the recent Paris attacks, many people have wondered if any psychics got it right. A number of psychics did indeed make predictions about a terrorist attack occurring in France in 2015.

For example, Nikki, psychic to the stars, made a number of predictions at the beginning of the year about what would take place in 2015. Among them: a terrorist attack in Paris France.

British psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker also appears to have predicted the attack. When making his 2015 predictions, he wrote: “Many countries may see terrorist attacks from lone gunmen. I ‘see’ Berlin, Rome and Paris as a targets (sic) but a simultaneous London attack will be thwarted.”

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Some psychics weren’t as precise as to say that Paris would be hit with an attack, but rather did predict an escalation of attacks by ISIS particularly in Europe.

Jeanne Mayell, a tarot reader, was one of those to make such a prediction. She even writes that a member of a group that she belongs to said, “Europe is going to get it.”

So are predictions of doom and gloom meant to scare us or to conjure up feelings of fear? Are they meant to suggest that we are doomed to the scary fates that are being prophesized?

I don’t believe so. Every psychic prediction, whether it’s a world prediction or a prediction about your love life, can be changed. We all have free will. Psychics simply see what will happen if we remain on the course that we are on.

It doesn’t take a psychic to see what direction our world is heading in if it remains on the current course. Violence and hatred and attacks seem to be a given.

But the value of prophecies and predictions is that they give us time to re-consider the path that we are heading down and make a change. While we didn’t make a big enough change for Paris can we stop the next major tragedy from happening?

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