Psychic predictions: Psychics believe U.S. economy will collapse

A survey of acclaimed psychics has found that 66 percent believe that the U.S. economy will collapse. Of those who believed that a collapse is imminent, half believed that the collapse would occur because the U.S. currency would become worthless. Another 42.8 percent believed that the U.S. economy would collapse because of the growing number of people in poverty, resulting in a population that only has a tiny percentage of those who are fiscally healthy.
As for when the economic collapse would occur: more than half thought it would take place between 2014 and 2016. Twenty eight percent thought the collapse was already in progress, while another 21.4 percent did not have any timeframe in mind. Some predicted that the economic collapse would happen swiftly and suddenly. Others believed that it would happen over a longer period of time.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, as some psychics did not believe that an economic collapse was imminent. In fact, one-third of those surveyed said no collapse would occur, and some even said that the U.S.’s biggest economic problems are behind them.

Why different psychics see different outcomes

There are a number of reasons why different psychics can see different outcomes. Sometimes a psychic is not clear on a particular situation or that psychic is letting his or her personal opinions color the reading. (If you ever feel that a psychic reading is not accurate of that the psychic is not objective, trust your gut and look for another psychic. Just like you’d search for a different physician if you didn’t like your doctor’s bedside manner, you should make sure you have a psychic professional that resonates with you.) Another reason why different psychics may get different answers is because they may each be seeing different aspects of the same event. Some may be seeing the beginning of the event. Others may be seeing the event from a different timeframe or from a different perspective. Just because two viewpoints are different does not automatically mean that one or both are wrong.

Psychic predictions can change

Even though some of the psychics saw a future of economic collapse, that doesn’t mean that those same psychics won’t see a different future in a couple of months or even a couple of weeks. Psychic predictions are based on the presumption that things will continue in the same direction that they are currently going in. It’s clear that there is a lot of turmoil surrounding the United States when it comes to money and the country’s financial future. A simple look at all of the conflict that is going on in Congress can be a testament to that fact. However, anyone can change a predicted outcome simply by embarking on a different path.

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If enough people change their expectations about money and the economy, the law of attraction goes into effect and more positive financial outcomes can come about. Even if the economy does collapse, that doesn’t mean that your own economic well-being will collapse. Again, much of what happens to you personally has everything to do with your own thoughts and expectations as opposed to the thoughts and expectations of everyone else.

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