Were you killed for your spiritual beliefs in a past life?

Do you have a strong interest in psychic ability and other metaphysical topics? If so, your interest may be more deeply rooted than you thought. Many people who have an interest in metaphysics share something in common: They’ve had these beliefs in a past life.
One reason that many people reincarnated again with strong metaphysical beliefs is because many souls had unfinished business the first time around. Many souls were killed in years past because of their spiritual beliefs. Many were accused of witchcraft. Some did adhere to the Wiccan faith, but their persecutors wrongly believed witchcraft to be evil or a threat to Christianity. Since they weren’t able to practice their faiths openly in a previous time, many have reincarnated to do so today. Some had important magical work to do that they have strong urges to complete today. Others were metaphysical teachers who had their lives and teachings cut short. Today, they may have chosen to be healers and teachers again so that they could complete the work that their soul came to Earth to do.

So how can you tell if you were killed for your spiritual beliefs in a past life? There are signs that could give you a big clue.

1. You have always had a strong knowledge of metaphysical concepts. Even when you learned ‘new’ things, they instinctively rang true for you as if you already knew them.

2. You have a strong desire to heal yourself and heal others.  You may have always been interested in self-help, as well as empowering beliefs such as the Law of Attraction. You not only applied this information to your life, but you use it to advise others.

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3. There are particular areas of metaphysics that you’re most interested in, such as crystals, candle magick or energy healing. In these areas, you are naturally proficient.

4. You have a strong fear of sharing your metaphysical beliefs with others. Many people who were killed for their spiritual beliefs in a past life keep their current beliefs secret because they don’t know what people will say or do. This fear is actually rooted in the bad experience in the previous life when the person’s beliefs actually did cost them their life.

5. You have a strong fear of fire. Many people who have past lives in which they were burned at the stake currently have a fear of fire in their current life. Again, this fear comes from a real place and a real experience. It just occurred in a previous life.

6. You’ve connected with other metaphysical people who you have a natural connection with. Many souls who were persecuted together have returned to new lives together. Interestingly, the individuals who murdered you in a past life may also be part of your current life. That’s more common than you might think. And they don’t have to be an enemy or someone for you to fear. It could be a friend, a family member or even a spouse.

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