How to do a Psychic Reading on Yourself Part II: The Interpretation

For those interested in learning how to do a psychic reading…Yesterday I shared how I do mini Tarot Card readings for myself each morning. It just so happens, yesterday’s reading was pretty life-changing for me. Let me just say, when you regularly use your intuition and make a practice of letting it help guide your life, every message you get isn’t a big one. Sometimes you get messages about small things, such as what to wear to an event or whether to go the mall or to the movies. But every so often, you get a message that just hits you. This was one of them.┬áSo let me refresh your memory by showing you the reading I got yesterday morning.

The first card was The Hanged Man, the second was The Tower and the third was the Queen of Pentacles. I’m going to share my interpretation of my reading, but please don’t get hung up on what I took from these cards. While every card has a meaning and you can learn those meanings through books such as this one, I also believe that your intuition will work directly with you and will have its own symbols for certain cards. So the meaning I give a card may not be the meaning you give a card, and that’s ok. Tarot Card reading is something that is unique to your individual intuition and the way that it speaks to you.

The way I interpreted my reading was as follows: The Hanged Man represented an area of my life in which I’ve been indecisive, or sort of living in limbo. This is an area in which I haven’t made much headway because I have not been deliberate and decisive in my actions. When I looked at this card, I also visualized myself literally going in two different directions, spreading myself too thin and getting nowhere.

The Tower represents to me the idea of making a clean break. When making this break, it may be scary and it may not be smooth the way it happens, but it creates an ending to something and allows the beginning of something new. I applied that second card to what I got from the first card and I came to this conclusion: There’s an area of my life where I’ve been indecisive and trying to do too many different things. Now it’s time for me to make a choice and break ties with the other options. I have to literally shake things up.

The third card was the Queen of Pentacles. For me, this card is all about financial mastery and success. Pentacles is the suit that’s associated with money and the queen is holding court over her empire. Applying that to my earlier cards, I determined that since the Queen of Pentacles is involved, this reading must be about my money-making ventures, or my career. Since this was the third card, I look at it as an outcome card. If I follow the message of card one and card two, I’ll experience card three. So if I determine where I’m doing too much and make a choice to do what my soul longs to do — and make a break from doing the other competing actions — I will experience financial success.

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