Reasons a soul may choose to become a ghost

We’ve all heard ghost stories about the spirits of the deceased haunting a particular place. While real hauntings tend not to be as dramatic as in the movies, ghosts and hauntings are real phenomena.

Ghosts are spirits that have not passed over to the other side and, instead, remain attached to the Earthly human plane of existence. Ideally, when we die, we pass to the other side where we work with Spirit Guides and members of our soul groups and continue our lessons, which help us to evolve. All of the research from near death experiences, as well as information given by channelers, past life regressionists and others who study what happens after death seems to agree that the period between lives is a happy one and souls who cross over don’t suffer in the same sense as we do during our human lives.

So why would a spirit choose not to pass over to the other side? There are many reasons.

Often the spirit feels like they were not able to finish something that they wanted to complete during that particular lifetime. When someone is murdered, for example, or their life is unexpectedly cut short, he or she may stick around feeling like life was taken from them too soon.

Another reason could be that a spirit feels a deep connection to someone who is still alive and they don’t want to lose that connection. That spirit mistakenly believes that once they cross over to the other side, the connection with the loved one will be lost.

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Some people believe that ghosts are spirits who don’t realize they are dead.

Some spirits may be filled with regret over something they did in their most recent life and are paralyzed, unable to move on.

Why Spirit Guides allow spirits to become ghosts

Some may wonder why a Spirit Guide would allow a charge to become a ghost. After all, Spirit Guides are here to help us to move forward in our evolution. Spirit Guides always give spirits the opportunity to choose for themselves. Spirit Guides also understand that there is no rush; life evolves and we all eventually will move forward, though it may take some more time than it takes others. In fact, the concept of time does not exist in other realms so 400 years to us may be the blink of an eye for a Spirit Guide or a ghost.

Eventually, ghosts see that their attachment to the Earthly plane is not adding to their existence, and eventually, they find their way back and their Spirit Guides and others from spiritual realms are there to greet them. If you do some research into hauntings, you may find that some places that were believed to be haunted have gone quiet after a number of years. In other words, there are haunted places where no one has seen or heard anything strange in recent years. In such cases, there’s a good chance that that spirit gave up the mantle of ghost and moved along on his or her spiritual path. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.