The karmic lessons of Bill Cosby

It’s hard not to pay attention to the train wreck that is derailing Bill Cosby’s career. As woman after woman comes out to add her story to the mix, you can’t help but wonder if you might not know someone who has a story of being preyed upon by the famed comic. It’s hard to believe so many people would jump on the bandwagon of a lie so vile. If the allegations are true, you also have to wonder if karma is coming into play.

Those who are spiritually evolved know that revenge isn’t really necessary. Karma ensures that everyone gets their just reward. It’s not personal; it has nothing to do with whether someone is good or bad. Instead, it’s really about how the Universe is always fair. You somehow end up on the receiving end of whatever you happen to dish out.

It’s interesting how Bill Cosby’s claims of innocence (through his lawyer) are being unheard and ignored largely in the media. If you don’t believe that, just take a look at all of those distancing themselves from him. NBC dropped plans for his new show. TV Land dropped The Cosby Show reruns. Netflix dropped plans for a Cosby project. Many of his stand-up routines are being cancelled. Cosby’s lawyer has hinted at media vilification.

What’s interesting is that these claims from women are not new. Several women have come forward in the past and their voices were unheard and largely ignored by the media for years. Television personality Wendy Williams describes almost being fired for talking about the allegations against Bill Cosby years ago. There are reports that the National Enquirer was bullied by Cosby years ago into squashing an article about the allegations.

No matter how this turns out, it’s clear that the wheels of karma have shifted and those whose voices have been squashed are suddenly getting their turn to be heard. Karma pays no attention to money, power or celebrity. Use that to your advantage.

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