Review: Numerological Insight Through Fenesha’s M.A.G.I.C.

Three months of extreme creativity. Two months to hone in on relationships. And a (hopefully) brief period when I may be subjected to a few challenging tests.  Those were some of the insights I received from a numerology reading by Fenesha Hubbard.

Numerology is a philosophy that looks at the mystical meaning of numbers and how they relate to the patterns of your life. Through numerology it is possible to gain insight into some of the themes that will be emerging in your future. Why is it helpful? If you have some insight into when certain aspects of your life are favorable, you can plan your actions accordingly. In other words, during those months when I’m blessed by the goddesses of creativity, I’ll be sure to give the creative juices an opportunity to shine.

Fenesha offers a number of different types of readings. Her All About Me readings provide insight into your life and life purpose. Her My Year readings provide a month by month outlook of the next year. Her Passion readings provide guidance in helping you to get unstuck. Her Career readings give you insight into moving forward professionally. Her Sampler readings provide a briefer overview of your life. I chose the My Year reading to get Fenesha’s take on my year ahead.

One of the best things about Fenesha’s readings is the delivery. The interview is not done live or in person. Rather, I submitted to Fenesha my full name and birthday, and within a few days, she sent me back an audio file. With a hypnotic voice, Fenesha proceeded to lay out my year, month by month. She also provided some background on numerology in case I didn’t have a basic understanding of the spiritual work that she was doing.

Since the reading is already recorded, I didn’t have to worry about taking notes or missing parts of the message. In fact, as I listened to the reading, I knew I would listen again so that I could hone in on things I might have missed the first time. I’ll also listen at different times throughout the year to see how things are shaping up or if I have a new understanding of some of the information.

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While I obviously don’t know whether her insights for six months from now are correct, I can say that the information she gave me about what’s currently going on in my life was spot on. She immediately honed in on some things taking place this month as being major influences. And the overall themes that she identified for my life this year are themes that I am indeed either focusing on or grappling with.

Every so often it’s good to take a step outside of our lives and allow someone to give us a metaphysical perspective about patterns and themes that my be influencing our lives. If you’ve ever had a touch of curiosity about how numerology and its effect on you, give Fenesha a try. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.