How to get a free numerology report

Many of us regularly use astrology to gain insight into someone — or even ourselves. After all, knowing I’m a Virgo helps me to overlook my picky and sensitive nature. But numerology can also teach us about ourselves. We can find out through numerology what types of opportunities may be coming our way or whether this is a time that we should focus on romance or career or health.

A recent numerology reading that I had let me know that the Spring would be a wonderful time to get out of the house if I was looking for a little romance, since relationships would be a focal point of my world. On the flip side, the reading told me that the Fall would be a very powerful time for new professional ventures. Learning that bit of information, I pledged to myself to complete the book manuscript I’m working on by the Fall so I can take advantage of that favorable pattern in my professional life. If you’re curious about learning what numerology can do for you, why not get your feet wet with a free numerology report? (Really, it’s free!) Then, email me at mara (at) to let me know how it turned out! may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.