Should you let others hold your crystals?

When you’re excited about your metaphysical tools, you want to share them. It’s human nature to want to show people what we’re doing, particularly if those activities are working.

Say you have been working with Dendritic Agate for the last few months to attract abundance into your life. You may be happy to note that it is working. Maybe you’ve been offered a raise, or you’ve inherited a great deal of money. Perhaps the abundance has come in the form of new relationships that you are enjoying. Those around you may even ask you what you’re doing to bring such fortune into your life.

You know that your work with crystals is having a positive effect and you share that with them. But should you go so far as to let them hold your crystals to spur a little luck in their lives?

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While it’s fine to show your loved ones your crystals, it’s better if you don’t allow anyone to touch them, particularly if you’re working with those crystals to bring change into your life. Why? Because the crystals may pick up their vibrations and be passed back to you once you take possession of the crystals again. If the person’s energy is negative, that negativity could then be passed back to you. Not only might this affect the results you see when working with the crystal, but if you’re an empath, you may pick up on some unpleasant feelings or vibrations that person may be having.

If you do end up letting someone hold your crystal, don’t fret. You can always clean your crystals, and you should clean crystals when you first come into possession of them whether you know who held them before you or not.

To clean your crystals, you might sprinkle sea salt on them and leave them overnight. Make sure you brush all of the salt off in the morning. Another way to clean crystals is to sit them on your windowsill at night where they are able to soak in the moonlight. You can also clean your crystals by smudging them.

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