Four Crystals to Take on a First Date

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First dates can be stressful. Not only are you trying to learn more about someone that you barely know, but you may be stressing about dates and relationships in your past that haven’t gone so well. Maybe you’re getting back out in the dating scene after a marriage has ended or a relationship has gone south. Or perhaps you’ve been dating for a long while and haven’t had much luck.

The funny or not-so-funny thing is, the more you like someone, the more anxiety you’re likely to experience on that first date. You may even find yourself wishing you could skip the first three dates and move right into a more established relationship. But hence you can’t. However, there are magical ways to make first dates easier and help you on your journey to attracting love.

The magical powers of love crystals

Crystals have healing properties and they vibrate at a higher energy level than we do. When we spend time with a particular crystal, it can impact our own energetic vibration, which can then transform our worlds. We attract things that are at our current vibration. When we change that vibration, we change our world.

Different crystals have different properties, which can be helpful in various aspects of our life. When it comes to going on a first date, here are some crystals that have properties that can help you get better results.


I know when I go on a first date, I want the gift of clarity. I want to be clear about how I feel about the experience and the person I’m spending time with. I want to be able to detect red flags, and I want to get insights from my higher self about whether I should go out with this person again.

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The purple amethyst is a powerful crystal when you want to tap into your psychic abilities and get supernatural insights. (You can read more about amethyst’s psychic properties here.) By carrying a piece of amethyst with me on a first date, I remember to tap into my intuition rather than getting wrapped up in my head.

I can also meditate with a piece of amethyst after a date to get some insight into whether there is anything about the date that I’m not picking up on.

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Smoky Quartz

Another quality that can be helpful on a first date is the desire to let go of the past and move forward toward a better future. One crystal that helps you to do that is the brownish-to-blackish smoky quartz. In The Crystal Bible, Judy Hall writes: “Smoky Quartz teaches you how to leave behind anything that no longer serves you.” Carrying a piece of Smoky Quartz on a date can be a symbolic way of cutting cords with the past and being optimistic that new love is on the horizon.

Smoky Quartz is also known to relieve fear so if you’re nervous about that first date and what could possibly come next, this crystal can help to calm you down.

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First dates are new beginnings. Moonstone, which comes in the colors of white, cream, yellow, blue and green, is the perfect crystal to facilitate that type of energy. As it’s name suggests, moonstone is also connected to the moon so if you’re a person who has a connection to the moon this crystal can enhance your power when you’re doing all kinds of activities — including dating. Moonstone also enhances your intuition, which can help you get a better gauge of how that first date is really going.

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Rose Quartz

If you know anything about crystals, you probably know that rose quartz is known for attracting love and opening the heart chakra.It’s also a crystal that some like to use when they’re focusing on new love, as opposed to a more established relationship. Wearing rose quartz when you’re on a date can be a way to let the Universe know that you’re open to beginning something new.

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Now that you’re metaphysically prepared, you can get out there and go on that first date ready for whatever comes next. (In fact, you can even use crystals to get to the altar!) Embrace your power! may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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