Signs a child is remembering a past life

There are many cases of children remembering past life details. Perhaps children are more likely than adults to remember past life details because their past life is more recent to them. They don’t have as many events in their current lives to remember. Another reason could be that children tend to be more open to paranormal phenomena in the first place since they haven’t been convinced yet by society to only pay attention to what can be logically explained.

If you’re wondering whether your child has past life memories that are bubbling up to the surface, there are some signs that might indicate that that is so.

Your child has a birthmark. Many people believe that birthmarks are signs of traumas that led to death in a past life. Violent deaths in particular, such as stabbings and gunshots, tend to leave wounds in the physical body and it is believed that birthmarks may show where such a wound took place in a previous lifetime.

Your child has recurring nightmares. Everyone has nightmares occasionally, but if your child constantly complains of a recurring nightmare or even different bad dreams on a regular basis, he or she may be haunted by a past life event. Nightmares often shed light on hidden fears. If your child’s recurring nightmares seem to have nothing to do with his or her current life, they could be triggered by a past one.

Your child has an unexplained phobia. Is your child afraid of fire? Does he or she have an irrational fear of drowning? What about crowds? If your child has a deathly fear of something it could indicate that a similar event contributed to an earlier death.

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Your child describes people and situations that don’t pertain to his or her own life. Many people discount things that children say because they don’t make sense. But your child may be giving you valuable information that you are simply not aware of. Listen to what your child is saying. If he or she is talking about events in the past with a lot of detail, don’t assume your child has an active imagination. He or she may simply have an active memory.

Your child shows uncharacteristic wisdom. Everyone thinks their children are smart, but is your child wise? By wise, I mean does your child have a keen understanding of Universal or Spiritual laws? Does your child seem to understand human nature in a way that is well beyond his or her years? If so, it may be because your child has retained much of the knowledge and wisdom from a past life and is evolved enough to apply it to the current one. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.