Signs You Are Clairaudient

I used to think that everyone experienced psychic ability the same way.  I expected to see things in my mind like I always saw psychic ability presented on TV. I used to love the show Medium starring Patricia Arquette and she would always see things in her mind’s eye so I figured that’s how it worked.

But alas, I was wrong. One of the most important lessons to learn: Everyone does not receive psychic information the same way. I have a friend who used to get so frustrated because she was trying to get in touch with her psychic side but she could never see anything in her mind’s eye. Well it turns out, she wasn’t having trouble tapping into her psychic ability; she was just not clairvoyant. (Click here for signs you are clairvoyant.) Instead, she was clairaudient, meaning psychic information came to her via sound. There are many signs you are clairaudient. Once my friend stopped looking for visual psychic messages and learned how to tap into her clairaudience, she was picking up all kinds of psychic information. In fact, today, she does psychic readings for others.

Signs You Are ClairaudientThe word clairaudience means ‘clear hearing,’ and it refers to messages that you receive from your physical sense of hearing. Now don’t expect these sounds to be external; you’ll hear them in your head. So if you’re in a room full of people, those around you will not hear anything (unless they’re clairaudient too 🙂 )

If you are clairaudient, you might hear voices, words, sounds or even music. I know people who hear songs or other tunes playing in their head when they are receiving psychic messages.

So how can you tell if you have this gift? Here are some signs you are clairaudient.

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1. You think you hear your name being called in a crowd but no one is there. Have you ever been out and about in a crowd of people and thought you heard someone calling your name? You may have looked around but realized that no one was there. If that scenario has ever played out, it might not have been that your mind was playing tricks on you. Instead, you may have really heard a spirit guide calling you or you may have been on the receiving end of a psychic message.

2. You frequently hear songs playing in your head. Psychic information is typically presented to us via symbols. For example, whenever I meet someone new and a person I already know pops into my mind’s eye, I know that the person I already know is a symbol. What it tells me is that the new person has qualities that are similar to the person that I already know. If you are clairaudient, your symbols may be musical. For example, a certain song may come to mind when your intuition is warning you about a person who is entering your life.

3. You’ve had an imaginary friend that you used to talk to. Did you have an imaginary friend when you were little and have long conversations with this invisible person? Perhaps you were receiving information via clairaudience and you explained it to yourself as coming from an imaginary friend. It happens more than you think.

4. You talk to yourself. If you frequently have conversations with yourself, here’s an interesting thought. Are you certain that you’re talking to yourself? You may actually be having a conversation, and the thoughts that you are attributing to yourself may actually be the words of a spirit guide. Now I’m talking about instances when you are talking to yourself and realize you’re doing it; I’m not talking about mental illnesses in which a person is not aware of what they are doing.

5. You hear strange or high-pitched sounds. Have you ever heard a high-pitched sound that no one else seems to hear? Maybe you were home alone and you know you heard something, but nothing is out of place. If you’re frequently hearing things and there is no explanation for them or you’re the only one who is hearing them, don’t just brush it off as meaning that you are hearing things. This could be one of the signs you are clairaudient.

6. You learn best via listening rather than seeing or reading. Everyone has a preferred learning style. Some of us like to learn by seeing, some like to learn by doing and some like to learn by hearing. If you understand things better when you can hear someone explain them to you, then you may be clairaudient. Another sign you may be clairaudient: You prefer listening to audio books rather than reading them.

I will say that of all the types of psychic ability, clairaudience often gets a bad rap. The idea of ‘hearing voices’ is frowned upon in society, so you might be hesitant to explore this ability if you have it. But if you recognize some of these signs you are clairaudient, and you take your time to explore it, it can literally open up a whole new world for you. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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