Signs your child is psychic

If you think your child is psychic, chances are you’re not alone. We’re all inherently psychic. As we age and adjust to the standards of society, we’re taught to ignore our natural hunches and often we lose touch with our psychic abilities. But children, however, haven’t had time yet to learn that intuition is bad so they naturally tend to have stronger psychic abilities than adults.  Here are some signs that your child is psychic.

Your child has an imaginary friend.

If your child is walking around talking to someone that you can’t see, don’t assume that the child is just playing. Often children can see and communicate with spirits who have crossed over to the other side. Sometimes you may even recognize the name of the person your child is talking to. I know of a case in which a family assumed the child was talking to an imaginary friend named Bobby and then learned years later that a child named Bobby had died in that house years before the family lived there.

Your child senses things about others that aren’t logical.

If your child tells you that Aunt Susie is sad, yet your sister Sue appears to be ok, don’t dismiss it. Often children have the ability to sense what’s going on beneath the surface with others, particularly with those who the children are close to.  Children also have a knack for sensing when someone doesn’t have good intentions toward them. If your child dislikes someone for no good reason (in your opinion) don’t leave your child alone with that person. Your child could be picking up that the person wants to do them harm.

Your child knows things they shouldn’t know.

If your child knows something about you that you didn’t tell them don’t assume that the child was snooping in your drawers or listening to your conversations. Your child might just ‘know’ what’s going on, or be able to psychically pick up the information from you even if you didn’t mean for the child to know.

Your child says what you’re thinking.

One of the most common ways that a child’s psychic ability can emerge is through his or her telepathic connection to a parent. If your child has the uncanny knack of saying what you’re thinking at the moment you can rest assured that your child is picking up on your thoughts telepathically. If that’s unsettling to you, let it be enough to convince you that it’s very important that you think positive thoughts and work on your own negativity. You don’t want to burden your child with a negative view on life, and it’s very easy for a child to pick that up from his or her parents.

Your child has skills he or she has never been taught.

Many children can remember past lives and often have details that they’d have no way of knowing. For example, a five-year-old child with no piano training could be able to naturally play a classic by Mozart. Some may say this child is a genius, but more likely the child has memories of his or her past proficiency playing the piano.

The best thing you can do for a psychic child is support him or her. Don’t tell the child that an imaginary friend does not exist. You may even want to sign up for a psychic development course such as this one from The Psychic Institute and work with a professional psychic to strengthen your psychic abilities, as well as the abilities of your child. Not only could this be an incredible bonding experience, but it could help both of you to make more intuitive choices in your life.