Signs You Aren’t Grounded — and Why it Matters

When you start following a spiritual path, it can feel really good. I mean really good.

You can even get a high off of doing energy work. When you realize just how intuitive you are and you start to see the wonders of synchronicity, you may crave more and more of that feeling. It’s totally normal.

But as with most good things, there can be a downside. When you’re focused on spiritual matters to a large degree, you can lose your connection to the earthly plane we’re currently living on. In other words, you can find yourself ungrounded.

The benefits of being grounded

Being grounded allows you to connect to the world in front of you. When you’re ungrounded, you may be able to connect with others in the spiritual realm, but you could be clueless about how to cope from day to day. Being grounded is critical to living a successful life because it ensures that you are able to handle the mundane tasks that make up the majority of our lives. Being grounded also equips you to manage your day-to-day relationships whether it’s with lovers, friends, family members or colleagues.

Your root chakra has everything to do with your ability to stay grounded. If you’re not grounded, chances are your root chakra is either overactive or under-active. Here’s a way you may be able to activate an under-active root chakra.

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Here are some signs that you aren’t grounded:

  • You feel spacey, as if you’re not in your body.
  • You are spending most of your time engaged in spiritual matters, but you’re not getting your other obligations done.
  • You want to read books about psychic ability and other spiritual topics all the time while everyday tasks such as cleaning your house or doing laundry suffer.
  • You have challenges with money.
  • You can’t focus on what’s going on around you.
  • You’re easily affected by the moods of others (particularly if you are an empath)
  • You feel tired and drained by life in general.

Benefits of getting grounded

So now that you see what it can look like if you are not grounded, it’s a good idea to consider why grounding makes sense. When you are grounded, you feel more energetic and you can make choices more easily. You know your place in the world and you feel comfortable in your own skin. Here are a few ways to become more grounded.

Walk around barefoot

When you do so, you accentuate your connection to the earth, which is what grounding is all about.

Eat junk food

This might not be the healthiest option, but it works. A shaman I know once described how he would always buy and eat chicken wings after doing spiritual work. The reason he did so is because the junk food makes him feel heavier, and thus, more connected to the earth.

Limit your spiritual activities — temporarily

You’ll rarely hear me say that you can spend too much time in meditation, but if you’re not grounded, you want to spend more time doing non-spiritual activities, at least until you’re more grounded. Balance is key to staying grounded while continuing to move forward with your spiritual goals.

Use root chakra crystals

Crystal healing can be helpful in this instance. Try holding onto or wearing a piece of jewelry made with hematite. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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