Did Kylie Rae Harris Have a Premonition Before Her Death?

Every so often, you hear about something that leaves you amazed at how intuitive we all can be. It’s one thing to have an intuition that someone is about to call you and then the phone rings. It’s yet another thing to have a premonition about death.


In some cases, it isn’t apparent (to everyone else) that someone may be having a premonition about death until after the fact. That may be the case with country music singer Kylie Rae Harris — at least that’s what a lot of people are wondering about.

Thirty-year-old Kylie Rae Harris was from Wylie, Texas, and she was featured on Troubadour, TX, a television show where her journey as a singer and songwriter was highlighted. Her debut album was called All the Right Reasons and a subsequent EP was released called Taking It Back.

Harris was in New Mexico preparing to perform this week when she was killed September 4 in a three-car automobile crash. Her final tweet, posted on the day of the accident, read Fuel range is 46 miles and I’m 36 from the nearest gas station Dear baby Jesus please don’t let me get stranded in NM

While that tweet is enough to leave you thinking about irony and questioning coincidence, it was her Instagram account that featured a more eerie message.

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In Harris’s Instagram stories, she uploaded a series of videos recorded as she made her trek through New Mexico. She was very emotional in the videos. Apparently, New Mexico was a part of the country that had a lot of meaning for her when she was growing up.

She talked about how the stretch of road she was driving on had a lot of memories for her, as other family members frequently traveled that stretch of road. She tearfully mentioned how most of her family members who had lived in that area had died there. She also talked about a memory of being in a car accident as a child with her father, who is no longer living, and her sister.

She was in the backseat and there was a crash. Her father had hit a cow. As Harris recounts this story she shares that she had been just driving down the stretch of road and gotten very sad as she thought about her family members who were now on the other side and she said she had suddenly seen a group of cows in the road. Seemingly she took that as a sign of comfort as they were symbolic of that special moment with her father.

Within hours she had passed away in the car accident, leaving some to speculate whether the cows may have been some type of sign or whether her emotional state was something of a premonition that her time in that life was coming to an end.

Another possible premonition involves a song she recorded. She wrote one of her songs, “Twenty Years From Now” as a message to her daughter in case she was not around at that point to tell her daughter those things herself. When Harris’s own father died, she apparently realized that there was a possibility that she wouldn’t be able to tell her daughter all the things she wanted her to know so she wrote the song. Eerily, she was right.

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