Why the June 2020 Solar Eclipse is Probably Messing With Your Emotions

Feeling down or sad or tired lately? You could be experiencing emotional effects from the June 2020 solar eclipse.  

June 2020 solar eclipse

Solar eclipses are big deals in the world of astrology. When the Earth, the sun and the moon line up as they do during a solar eclipse, we feel it. Even if you are not in the direct line of the eclipse, meaning you can’t view it as it occurs, you are likely to be affected by the energy. In fact, you’ll likely experience solar eclipse emotional effects.

The new moon in Cancer on June 21 marks a solar eclipse

However,  you may already have been impacted on an emotional level by the solar eclipse in the days leading up to it. (And with this solar eclipse coming nine hours after the solstice, it may be even more powerful). And I hate to break it to you but you may be impacted for a couple of weeks after it.

Eclipses bring about major transformations of energy, so you might feel tired and fatigued. You may even feel depressed or down. While nobody likes to experience such heavy emotions, it can be soothing to know that this may, in fact, be due to the effects of the eclipse. And those emotions you are feeling have a purpose.

Mourning the end of a cycle

To understand some of the emotions you may be feeling, it helps to understand some of what’s happening on a spiritual level during a solar eclipse. A solar eclipse marks a new cycle in life. That might sound exciting because we all have areas in our lives that we want to change, and we all want to believe that we can make a new start and be better.

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However, in order for something new to occur, something old must end. That’s the part we typically have trouble with. Even things we know aren’t good for us are often difficult to let go of. That’s human nature so don’t beat yourself up about it.

So while solar eclipses are about new beginnings, they are simultaneously about endings. They mark the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next. Even when there is something in your life that you want to change, it can be sad and even scary when that moment of change actually comes.

Solar eclipses can be bittersweet

Even the happiest moments can bring you down.

  • You might hate your job, yet on your last day you may be sad to leave your co-workers.
  • You may long to get married and no longer be single, yet you may feel some sadness about giving up your solitary space when moving in with your significant other.
  • You may have being broke, but when you finally start manifesting all that money, you no longer have much in common with some of your friends so those relationships fall off.

On a spiritual level, you can sense that the solar eclipse is about an end of an era for you and so feelings of sadness and even grief may pop up. If you’re not sure why you’re feeling this way, you may be feeling confused and out of sorts, which isn’t fun either.

Some people can sense that there are certain areas in their life where they are making a change.

If you’re very intuitive and in tuned with yourself, you may have felt yourself moving away from certain people or actions or habits in recent weeks.

You may have noticed that you turned a corner on some aspect of your life that has been causing you trouble.

When endings occur, there is a period where you may be wondering what is next. Some people may feel that sense of uncertainty and anxiety in the days leading up to the eclipse.

Luckily that will pass. Remember, the solar eclipse signals the beginning of a new era, and the Universe will send signs and synchronicity to guide you along that new path. And the further you get along that new path the easier things will get, the more familiar they will be and the more comfortable you will become once again.

Moving past the sadness to joy

There are also ways that you can move past the heavy emotions and gain more intuitive insight during the period around the June 2020 solar eclipse.

Your dreams may be particularly colorful during this time. Pay attention to them because you may get more psychic insights than usual.

Journaling may be fruitful at this time. Write about your emotions and see what insights come to mind. You may see which patterns are ending in your life and intuitively sense which new beginnings are on the way.

Meditation can be comforting during this time. Meditation enhances your psychic ability. You may feel like nothing is going on when you meditate, but over time  I guarantee you will feel the effects. You’ll feel less anxious, more clear and you’ll notice that you have more psychic insights.

You may even want to get a psychic reading at this time. Ask for insight into what this particular solar eclipse will be bringing into your life. You can get a free mini-reading via chat here.

Solar eclipses have a lot to offer us on a spiritual level. By anticipating the emotional effects of the June 2020 solar eclipse, you’ll be able to move through the process and reap the fruits of those new beginnings.

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