Soulmate or twin flame?

One question many people ask is whether a heartfelt connection they have with someone means that person is a soulmate or a twin flame. It’s possible that it could be either though the odds are that it’s your soulmate because we can have more than one soulmate during our lifetime. However, we only have one twin flame.

The difference between the two

Soulmates are those that we share multiple lifetimes and experiences with who help us to grow. Soulmates tend to come from the same soul family — a group of souls who have similar goals and purposes in evolution.

A good book that fictionalizes the role of soul groups and makes the concept easier to understand is The Tenth Insight: Holding the Vision (The Celestine Prophecy) by James Redfield. In it the main character realizes that in his lifetime he has unknowingly joined up with other members of his soul group to realize a particular goal. If you look around you and take note of those people who you have particularly strong connections to, you’ll probably identify a few people from your soul group — your soulmates. A common misperception people have about soulmates is the belief that a soulmate is always someone you’re romantically attracted to. That’s not necessarily the case. Soulmates can be any type of relationship that is characterized by a strong connection and a sacred contract between the two souls to play a role in each other’s evolution.
A twin flame on the other hand is something different. A twin flame is more than just a soulmate. A twin flame is the other half of your soul, which has incarnated separately from you in order to work on different goals and challenges. By separating, two flames can further evolve though the intention remains to eventually unite again. That doesn’t mean you’re meant to travel through life as half a person. Rather, both flames should work to be whole and when they eventually unite, they will evolve even further. Not only does the twin flame connection benefit one another, but when twin flames reunite, they work to raise the vibration of the world.

It is possible to meet up with your twin flame in this or any lifetime. However, that doesn’t mean that this is the time that the two of you will be together forever. It could be, but it doesn’t have to be. However, whether you’re with this person in this lifetime or not, meeting him or her will leave a lasting impact on you forever, and you’ll feel a connection with this person that is matched by no one else.

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Where people get in trouble

It’s ok to spend time with your soulmates or your twin flame and it’s normal to want to be with them. But many people create challenges for themselves when they become dependent upon a soulmate or twin flame and feel as if they cannot live without them. No soulmate or twin flame is meant to be your crutch. And if you feel like you can’t live without your soulmate or twin flame, most likely this is NOT the time when the two of you will be together to drift into the sunset. You intended in this lifetime to evolve and to become a person who can move forward despite outside circumstances. Your twin flame would never want you to use him or her as crutch and your higher self feels the same way about your twin flame.

If you have questions about a current relationship or suspect that you have met a soulmate or twin flame, a psychic may be able to provide you with some insight.

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